‘B’ is for Baking

Easily one of the favourite past times of the holiday season is indeed baking.  The kids have been doing it at school and we have been doing it here at home with cookies, scones, and cupcakes.  Maddox came home yesterday with his gingerbread cookies with raisins to share with the family.  Ryan has been making scones now at home for tea.  I look forward to getting a start on our holiday baking once December is here…just a few days away now!

My partner is the King of our kitchen. Where I can throw ingredients together and it ends up in ordering a take-a-way, he can put together all these ingredients and make something mouth watering delicisous. These handmade whole wheat scones (pronounced SK-AH-NS) with currants were topped with strawberry jam and english clotted cream.  Yummy.