Fog, morning dew, and spider webs

This morning’s walk to church was rather quite cold.  It was definitely gloves and scarves weather.  The boys were fascinated by the fact that we could see our breath, and Ronan pretended he was a steam engine.  I chose a strapless dress for church that I layered over a few pairs of leggings and tall black socks to keep my legs warm. I really should have tossed on a sweater as another protective layer against the cold beneath my jacket.  Even though I did not take my coat off in church, I would have welcomed the added warmth.  Despite the cold, we were aware of all the beauty around us as we made our way to Lindfield.  I am not a big fan of spiders, or really at all.  But for some odd reason I was not shying away from the plethora of webs that were visible this morning.  If it was not for the morning dew that adorned them like jewels, I would not have even taken notice.  Even though my cell phone battery was running low and my hands were cold to to be out of the gloves, I kept taking photos of all the webs on our walk.  I have posted a few of my favourites as well as the beautiful poppies that were up at the church.  Hope everyone had a blessed Sunday, I know I really enjoyed spending mine with the boys. 
The fog’s presence still around as we reached Lindfield. 
The boys bundled up.  So cold we could see our breath.
Spider webs visible with the morning dew. 
The webs were all over the trees and bushes. 
Another web on a private fence. 

Morning light breaking through the fob making for a lovely sight. 
I love the style of houses in Lindfield and this is one of my favourites. 
Poppy memorials at Lindfield’s All Saints church. 
The Poppy Wreaths.