Valentines Day

10 years ago Ryan and I had our first date at University. We spent the next weekend, Valentines Day, on a trip to Austin, TX with our traveling theatre troupe. I remember catching him looking at me across the table at dinner. Tonight, ten years later, I caught him looking at me with that exact same look. Here’s to another ten Valentines. ♥ 

For Valentines Day we had aimed to see a castle, but it was not in our cards this year. However we had a really nice time out in the town of Hastings.  The boys got to climb rocks and see a beautiful look out, they played at the park, we walked through the town, and we had a wonderful supper at a very old and historical pub.  We topped off the night with a stop in an authentic old sweet shop. 

Found Heart in Hastings. 

Ronan and Maddox picking out their Sweets.