Family Fun Fair

Having fun at the Family Fun Fair

After picking the boys up from work we came home to do home work and rest before going out into town.  A family fun fair came for a few days and the boys have been excited about going to the fair since the posters went up.  We started with letting them go into plastic bubbles and walking on water.  We also rode the bumper cars, they rode a car ride, and the boys went down the slides numbers of time.  We had supper at the fair, which consisted of an unhealthy choice of chips and candy floss for dessert.  We had a really fun mummy and boys night out.

Maddox and Ronan in the bubbles going after each other.
Ronan rolling in his bubble.
All smiles!
Walking on water inside plastic bubbles. 
Eating Candy Floss
Sun shining through the trees.  
After going for a ride on the bumper cars. 
‘Something new': a notebook for just 2 quid. #photoadaymay #photoadaychallenge

‘Dinner': Beef burger made with beets, hence the vibrant purple colour. #maycreative #photoadaychallenge