Fun Foods for Kids!

With it being the final week of Summer I have favoured the last of warm weather to wear our shorts and summer tanks.  We are still unsure about when we are coming home to England so I have been finding things to keep our days fun.  What better to keep their interest than fun food!  Today I made them ‘Octopus Speghetti’ for lunch with Turkey hotdogs and whole wheat spegetti. It was pretty simple to make. First I cut each hotdog into four sections.  I wanted the octopus to have eight arms so I punctured the noodles into the center until the ‘arms’ were even on each side.  Once the water had boiled I put the Octopuses into the pot and as the noodles started to cook they sunk down far enough to cook evenly.  Once they were cooked and drained I covered it up with some leftover sauce and voilà!  It was definitely a huge hit with my boys.

This week we started it off with a cookout with friends of the family at the park.  Another time for hot dogs, this time grilled over a fire pit.  My boys do not eat a lot of hotdogs, so they were much more excited about the dessert: S’mores!  We had fun roasting the marshmallows and trying not to catch them on fire.  Better yet pairing them with chocolate and putting them in between two graham crackers.  Its been a great week and I look forward to Fall starting tomorrow!

‘Octopus Spaghetti’ made from turkey hotdogs and whole wheat spaghetti.  
Before & After of the cooking process. 
Roasting hot dogs over the fire pit at the park. 

Roasting marshmallows for S’mores.
My S’more 
Here I am roasting a marshmallow for my sons’ s’mores. 
The boys playing with the Playmobil© toy lot found at a yard sale this last week. Its been a huge hit!

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