Ask B: How did you get involved with photography exhibits?

My post last week How did you get into photography leads me to the next question: “How did you get involved with photography exhibits?

I got involved because I was inspired.  For me my inspiration came from viewing an art exhibit for a couple friends of mine.  Most of the artwork in the show was paintings but my friends were showing their prints from a conceptual photo shoot.  I had seen photographs in museums but this was the first time seeing them showcased from ‘people like me’.  I appreciated the art, the concept, the work, and how the photographs were finished in post processing.  They were beautiful.  I remember leaving that night knowing that I wanted to do produce art from photographs of my own.  These photographs were from my very first conceptual photo shoot and Its been really cool to see the growth from that moment.  But perhaps it can inspire you to chase after you dreams. 

Behind the Scenes shot of Alice in her shrinking room. I constructed it out of a box covered with fabric and filled the bottom space with tulle skirts that I had on hand. By making use of our bamboo floor it cost me all together $0.

I threw myself into the process of putting together my first conceptual photo shoot entitled ‘Malice in Wonderland’.  I wanted to bring forth a fashion photography edge but when confronted with the characters of the White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat I knew I could not have them appear cheesy.   Through my networking as a hairstylist I met a body painter which inspired me to not go over the top with wardrobe for a very well known theme.  In the end three of the characters were portrayed nude, two of which in stylized body paint.  I enlisted a friend to portray Alice (Veronica from Key to my Tart) and found the rest of my models and my make up artist on the networking site Model Mayhem.  I orchestrated the shoots in two parts, shooting half the models one evening and the other during the day.  In the end I was ready for the exhibit which landed on Halloween and it sparked a creativity of photo shoots from there during the rest of my time in Hawaii.  

I shot the portion with the White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat just as the sun was setting.

Bess Marie, who played my Queen of Hearts and the Cheshire Cat, helping Veronica Daylight with the final touches. Lead singer of Dolls to Daylight and now mommy blogger, Veronica Daylight used her fashionista skills to supply the Alice wardrobe.
Melissa Hurley, make up artist, with models Veronica Daylight and Bess Marie.
Original image of body paint models post edited in this version to be able to post on the blog.

An outtake with Caleb as my Mad hatter as he practiced balancing the tea cups. We had a few causalities by the end of the shoot.

Alice in Wonderland by Bonnie Rose Photoraphy
Bonnie Rose Photography © 2009 All Rights Reserved

Bonnie Rose Photography © 2009 All Rights Reserved

Bonnie Rose Photography © 2009 All Rights Reserved

Bonnie Rose Photography © 2009 All Rights Reserved

“For concepts, I saw a slightly darker/edgier version of Alice in Wonderland. I gave Alice a smokey eye and pink lips, to keep her slightly innocent looking, the mad hatter had very dark eyes and a goth look, and the queen of hearts was a little playful, with her lighter smokey eyes and heart decal on her face. I was one of the darker shoots I had done, and it felt good to push myself creatively.” – Melissa Hurley, Make up Artist

The images featured in this post are from the photo shoot with Bonnie Rose Photography in Mililani, Hawaii.
Make up Artists: Melissa Hurley and  Lady Painte

*Behind the scene photographs and photography copyright to Bonnie Rose