Paris in Motion: Roller Derby model in Paris

Bonnie Rose Photography © 2012 All Rights Reserved |
Oh  beautiful Paris.           The city of love. 
Oh have I fallen for the city’s fashion hub, 
amazing food, historical art, 
and beautiful sights.

It is said that it is the people you meet on your journey 
that can make the most impacting memory of your travels.  

For me and our trip to Paris that was true with meeting the beautiful Orel Kichigai.

Orel is in the roller derby with the Paris RollerGirls, models and is active with photography.  

We met up while I was last in Paris to see some of the sights.
I am used to doing a lot of walking on my travels and have rented a bicycle when in Lucca, Italia. 
I have yet to skate.  Watching Orel maneuver seamlessly through the streets of Paris,
it was hard to not be a little jealous I could not glide as well. 
I know for next time to pack my skates. 😉

Bonnie Rose Photography © 2012 All Rights Reserved |
Bonnie Rose Photography © 2012 All Rights Reserved | 
Bonnie Rose Photography © 2012 All Rights Reserved |
Bonnie Rose Photography © 2012 All Rights Reserved | 
Featured today is Orel, a french Roller Derby player and model in Paris. — in Paris, Ile-de-France.
  • Bon Bon

    Paris has a part of my heart! AND, I’ve never even been! Totally need to remedy that soon! xoxo

    • Bonnie Rose

      Oh yes you must! I love meeting other ‘BonBon’ :) Great name. I may be a bit biased. x

  • Helene

    these pictures are fantastic! i just adore everything about paris!!
    Helene in Between

    • Bonnie Rose

      Thank you Helene, glad you love the photos. I am so in love with Paris and cannot wait to return. x

  • Krista Ricchi

    Gorgeous photos! I can never get enough of Paris. I’m going for a weekend in a few weeks and I can’t wait! Now I wish I had a pair of roller skates to bring though..

    • Bonnie Rose

      Krista I am so jealous you will get to go. You are going to have a blast. Take lots of beautiful photos for me. x

  • Sara Louise

    Rollerskating has to be the coolest way to tour paris ever!

    • Bonnie Rose

      Indeed. I want to get a pair for our next trip! x

  • Erika @

    Oh, I used to LOOOOOOVE rollerskating! This makes me want to get a new pair and get to rollin’! :)