Weekend Edition: 13/14 of April ’13

We started this weekend off with pancakes and our country walk.  There was a little debate about whether or not we would be going outside since the weather clearly was ‘rain’ and an Arsenal game would be on in a few hours.  However my need to be outside in the country won over and we got the boys ready for our walk.  Every week it is pretty much the same.  My sons will complain or find reasons to complain for the first fifteen minutes and then they have an amazing time for the entirety of our journey. Time seems to stand still when we are outside, hours pass, and my boys just enjoy the moment.  I really look forward to my weekends with my family. I had been working in a salon when we first moved to England.  I loved working as a hairstylist but it includes working on the weekends.  I was working Saturdays and my husband was working Sundays. Time off for ‘family time’ was seldom and is why I cherish these walks even more.  There is always something new to see.  Today it was the giant monochromatic cows grazing in the pastures as we walked right past.  It may have rained on us. We may have been drenched by the time we got home. It was still a wonderful walk and we came home with smiles on our faces.  Hope you all had a lovely weekend with the ones who matter most. 
Beautiful sunny day awaited us this morning before we headed out on our walk to church. 
Rain meant mud and puddles. Two things I just love when I am wearing my beloved pink Hunter wellies. 
Raindrops falling from the limbs of a thorn encrusted branch. You really can find beauty if you look for it.
Climbing is always involved on the public footpaths.  This is how you climb from one side of the gate to the other.
Very slippery mud in this area so we kept to the planks like pirates of the English land. 
The cows grazing in their fashionable monochromatic trend.  
We of course had to ‘moo’ and hope the cows would in turn talk  with us.  
The one on the left stopped grazing for a moment so I could partake in a country walk photo op. 
Follow the yellow arrows and look out for the public foot path signs.
Maddox got splattered with mud when I hopped down from the gate.  It looked like he cried mud.
Not sure why I feel I look grumpy, because I was anything but while we are outside. Love being outside.
I had to run to get this photo.  If you have ever walked at Ryan’s normal walking pace, you know why. 😉
If it was not so wet I would have easily sat down and enjoyed the flowers. 
Oh how I love Spring!  April Showers bring May flowers right? 
Trying to keep up with taking more photos of the two of us together this year. Ronan helped out today. 
We stopped by the shop for milk and it was still raining.  However they did not seem phased by the weather. 
Sometimes I wish I could pause moments in time.  This would be one of them. 
This is how my hair looked when we got home. Long curly waves and lots of frizz. Oh and no make up. Enjoy! 😉
After church today we enjoyed homemade parsnip soup and a few pots of tea.  The sun is outside but taking it easy today as we catch up with the laundry from the week.  I should really post about how I do laundry in England, because it quite differs from the US. Till then, let me know how your weekend was and what you got up too!
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    What wonderful photos Bonnie Rose!! Your sons are adorable and I love the wet, rainy muddy feel of it all.

    Jean {What Jean Likes}