Best Week Ever/2

It has been a quieter week and yet it seems like so much has happened in a blink of an eye.  Yesterday was the Fourth of July, a holiday I have not celebrated in three years with living in England.  Perhaps if we had a bunch of American friends the situation would be different.  However since we live in a country to which America got its Independence from I do not really feel that excited about breaking out the American flags.  To be fair I feel more connected to England and my citizenship here.  However my patriotism to America will always lie with the military.  Since my husband, my father, and his father were all military men it really symbolizes what it means to be American.  With that said I did feel a little homesick yesterday.  I wish my mum and sister were here with us already and we could have done a BBQ at the park.  It makes me miss seeing the amazing firework shows on the fourth of July in Hawaii.  
1.  I love food. Clarification ‘good’ food.  I posted a few Paleo inspired recipes like my husband’s Courgetti and Meatballs.  I had so many responses about how delicious it is, which inspired us to make it for dinner last night.  
2.  I have been making a lot of smoothies this summer.  Mainly it is what I have for lunch.  While some days it can vary, the ingredients are basically the same.  Frozen berry assortment, a banana, spinach, coconut milk, and a tsp of organic cocoa powder.  
3. I met my husband for lunch on Wednesday at the Coffee@Camden cafe outside Bath, England.  The owner, Sara, recommended the Antipasto sampler and I was so glad she did.  I love to taste things and having small portions of such a variety of amazing foods was perfect for lunch time.  
4.  Saturday I continued with my Self Portrait challenge.  I was happy to see other participants this week and look forward to seeing what you guys come up with for tomorrow’s Self Portrait Saturday link up.
5. While looking for unused notebook to start organizing my blogging, I found an entry from my father before he died. It was from a baby shower we had after Ronan was born and I had completely forgotten about this message since it was written in 2005.  I was so excited to share this with both my sons.
6. Moving to Europe has been so amazing on my relationship with my husband. When we left the US we left behind the past and every day since has been better.  This week has been the best week.

7/8/9. This past weekend we did not do a whole lot, but sometimes not much is just perfect for a family.  We went to the pub just for desserts and wine.  We enjoyed the warm sunshine.  On Sunday we slept in and took it easy before walking along the canal into town.  We walked through one of the gardens in Bath that we had not visited before.  It is moments like this that make me really cherish our family time. 

10. Weekly Wishes.  I started Weekly Wishes this week with my friend Melyssa.  I talked about how I view my American accent in England, and why I am working towards softening it. 
11. I am continuing my #JaneAustenBookClub reading with my post about Sense & Sensibility and what I wore to Prom.  This week I have started Pride & Prejudice, a favourite I have read many times before.  
12. My photography post for the week focused on an Elopement shoot in Honolulu, Hawaii.
13. (not pictured) This Month’s installment of the Expat Diaries focused on the Cost of Moving
I have welcomed four new sponsors to my side bar this month and I wanted to introduce you to them today by spotlighting a post from their blogs.  Make sure to say hi and let them know how you found them. :) 
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Jade, of An Invisible Crown, is an expat from Australia living in England with her husband.  She has traveled a lot and has some great advice for Traveling in: ‘Traveling For Long Haul
Q: Hope you have a great weekend! What has made your week the Best Week Ever?