Sports Day with a TCK Spotlight [VLOG]

Yesterday was one of those moments that I experience with my children that reinstates why I love raising them here in England.  As a Third Culture Kid myself, I really wanted to raise my sons as TCKs and travel with them through out the world.  I wanted their childhood to mirror my own and to give them even more than I ever experienced just as any parent would naturally feel about their children.  There is something so special as a simple school programme, like this Sports day, that can make having children so worth ever moment.  It was not about winning or losing but seeing the love of life and the joy of happiness coming from the little person you created.  
I know my son Ronan likes sports but we have not had the opportunity to have him involved in any sport teams outside of school yet.  All I knew was that he was very competitive and would be really hard on himself at school when he was not 100% amazing at something he just started learning.  Due to my work schedule last year this was my first time to see him participate in something with athletics.  I just did not realise he was so fast or that he loved running so much.  When he got home from school yesterday I swept him up in my arms, gave him a big hug and kiss.  I told him I would always love him so much and that his achievements that day did not affect my love for him but made me so proud to see him so happy.  
I have included some of the photos from yesterday below along with a special video about Third Culture Kids.  Ronan has wanted to guest post on my blog for a while now and we decided to do a VLOG format.  Thank you to all those who asked me questions on twitter and facebook for Ronan to answer.  Please let me know after you watch what you think. I know Ronan will want to read the comments so feel free to send him a shout out too. 

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**Video from Bonnie Rose on Vimeo.