Vow Renewal: The Groom

MPP B&R Vow Renewal 18sm2

Today is my true love’s birthday and to wish him a happy birthday I am sharing the next installment in recapping our 10th Anniversary Vow Renewal from August.  I want to thank my friend Miriam and her lovely family for being with us to celebrate in Wales and for taking such amazing photographs.  We have not seen all the photographs from the big day yet and I am so excited to have these sneak peek images to share with you on ACR.  What better way to continue telling our love story than with a look at the one who holds me heart.

Before I get too sappy I have to say the first thing that pops in my mind when I look at these photographs of my husband getting ready.

‘Suit up!’ – Barnabus “Barney” Stinson (HIMYM)

The colours I chose for our vow renewal could not be farther from the colours we had at our original wedding in 2003.  We went from dark blood red and white (my husband wore a black suit) to shades of grey and ballet pink.  I loved my the tie and pocket square he found to match his new suit that he got for the occasion, a grey suit from Zara men.  Although the suit is not pictured here it leaves you with something to look forward to in the posts to come.

It sometimes it hard to believe that we have been together for so long and married for ten years. Let alone that we are now both in our 30’s celebrating the next decade of our life together.  Sometimes it feels like it has been a long time and at other times I feel like we are still just the same twenty and twenty one year old newlyweds, ready to find our way in the world. We have been through so much in ten years.  Today I am even more happy to be sharing our life together living the ex-pat life abroad together with our sons.  It sometimes feel like we are living a fairytale and I look forward to many more beginnings in our story together.

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*Photography © Miriam Pinkston Visual Artist, 2009-2013 All Rights reserved.www.miriampinkstonphotography.com