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The Love Lock Bridge – Paris, France


One of the ‘must see’ places on our trip to Paris, France for our anniverasry was the Love Lock Bridge.  I had only heard about this in recent times and had since been wanting to see it in person. In fact there is not just this one love lock bridge in Paris, but many all over the world.  They love lock bridges started popping up in the 2000s and lovers worldwide come to leave a token.  Basically you come and leave a padlock locked onto the bridge, gate, or fence and throw away the key into the water below.  Many of hte locks are engraved or inscribed with intials and hearts.

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Feeding Your Wanderlust Before Travel


I am a third culture kid who just loves moving and traveling to new countries and cultures. With raising our expat family abroad, it does not allow me to just jet off every time wanderlust strikes hard.  However there are many ways I help feed that wanderlust before we book our next trip.  For me the exploration, dreaming, and planning before you pack your bags can be just as satisfying.  With raising a family I love to have our life focused around travel and cultures around the world even when we are at home.  Travel is life!

Here are my top five tips for feeding your wanderlust before travel:

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