Rope – Bath Drama


Last month I had the pleasure of directing
my first reading with Bath Drama
since joining the community theatre group last year.
I chose the script
Rope by British playwright, Patrick Hamilton.
This 1929 play was aired in long takes on BBC in 1939.
In 1948 Alfred Hitchcock made a film version
relocating the story to New York in the 1940’s.


I found the script really intriguing
as it is written in three acts
as one continual scene.
In the beginning a murder has taken place
a dinner party shortly commences
and everyone is eating over the chest
where the body has been hidden.
It is a ‘who done it’
where the audience knows the answer.


Having a rehearsed reading means
I had the actors show up a few days earlier
to read through the script.
At the reading we have it staged, costumed,
and completed with lights, sounds, and props.
I loved seeing the show brought to life by the actors.
The play ties together a seemingly innocent dinner party
with a variety of characters
and the undertones of the aftermath of murder.
The boastfullness, the guilt, fear, and suspicion
all start creeping in as the party goes on.


It is a great play and I suggest
reading it if you can find a copy.
Thank you to all the wonderful actors
who made this an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Q: ”Have you ever read or seen the Rope?”

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