Throwback #5: Venice


I loved growing up in Italy and so my throwback today takes us back to my family’s first tour in southern Europe in the early nineties.  This photograph is from our first trip to the Venice, located in the marshy Venetian lagoon in northeastern Italy.  It was a special mother-daughter weekend getaway to see the canals, the Venetian gothic architecture, and beautiful art of Venezia. We fondest memories include feeding the pigeons in Piazza San Marco and riding in a gondola.  It was my first trip of several, and I cannot wait to return again.

“Arriving at each new city,
the traveler finds again a past of his
that he did not know he had:
the foreignness of what you no longer are
or no longer possess
lies in wait for you in foreign,
unpossessed places.” 

 Italo CalvinoInvisible Cities

Q: Have you been to Venice yet?

*Photo used for A Compass Rose and belongs to Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 – 2014 All Rights Reserved |
  • Dannielle @ Chic-a-DeeDee

    I’ve been twice, I love Venice! Have you been back much since?

  • josie c.

    I haven’t been to Venice yet, but it sounds like a lovely place to visit! Cute photo of you!!

  • Teresa Russell Nystrom

    It was a big weekend because of the costumed Regatta. It was fun, in spite of my shoe issues. We need another weekend together!