Are you a Travel Hoarder?

Travel Hoarding.
I am not quite sure this is a real term,
but it clearly defines a real problem.
My problem of travel hoarding exists
in the form of boxes filled to the top
of things dating back to trips I have taken
since the term of the century.
The term travel hoarding was brought up
in discussion with my husband this week.
He was very quick to chime in about the ‘Australia’ box.
This infamous box in our family’s storage area
that has made about seven different moves with us
but has yet to be made into a scrapbook.

The boxes of my travel hoarding tendacies
include a variety of things you would pick up
when traveling and wanting to remember every detail.
There are the obvious tickets from museums and attractions,
travel brochures and postcards.
Then there are recipts from places I ate,
the tickets from the airlines,
and maybe even a coaster from the bar I frequented.
Until this last move I even had a few different
sandwich bags of coloured sand from ‘rainbow beach’.
I also have many patches I collected from all destinations
in Australia that were to be added to a bag once I returned.
All of that and more now hardly see the light of day.
I will peek in once in a while and reminicse.

So what happens now?
I am starting to go back through these boxes
of my travel hoarding problem
and organize and sort through the memories.

I may keep minor things that can be used in
shadow boxes to be displayed.
Anything not saved for that purpose
I plan to throw out.


Before I throw anything out, I have decided to:

  • Take photos of what I would ideally keep
  • Catagorize those photographs on my hard drive
  • Use the photographs for upcoming travel posts.


Q: Are you a Travel Hoarder? What do you keep from your travels?




This week I really wanted to highlight Phoebe with her post about Sightseeing with Children. As a mother of two myself, I love seeing how other do it with children.  Especially since I heare more and more about expats who ‘return home’ when they decide to start having a family.  Phoebe has been traveling since ‘day one’ with her children and does not let their ages stop her from letting them see and experience the world.  Her post last week was filled with great photographic examples of how they sightsee with children and a great edition for our Travel Tuesday link up!


It is time for our monthly prompt for Travel Tuesday.  We do them every month for the last Tuesday.  This time my co-host Tina has chosen for the month of March and here is the monthly themed prompt:

Food! More specifically the food you have encountered while traveling. It can be the best, the worst, the strangest.  

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  • Jessi

    I try not to be, but I do like to collect little mementoes. I keep a few special things to (one day!) turn into a scrapbook. Over the past year I’ve bought one or two black and white postcards from each international place I’ve stayed in on my travels and I have them stuck on my bedroom wall – it’s a great reminder of all the fantastic memories!

    • Bonnie Rose

      I love the post card idea that is awesome. Especially since they are monochromatic. Sounds beautiful to display at home. x

  • Tina @ Girl-Meets-Globe

    I’d say we are travel hoarders. Over time I’ve gone through and weeded out. It can be hard to get rid of some of it! Putting them in a shadow box is a great idea! The other way we hoard is we like to collect coffee cups, magnets, ornaments, tin signs. My husband likes to pick up Starbucks mugs in all the different countries. We have something in just about every room from our travels. Pottery, trinkets, sand, sea glass from various countries. I love it though as it is a reminder of some wonderful places we’ve been!

    • Bonnie Rose

      I love that…every room with details from travels. That is basically my living room right now. I think thats the best part about visiting friends when you can see where all they have been. :)

    • Tracy O’Neill

      I love Starbucks mugs! Every time I use them makes me recall certain memories from my trip.

      • Tina @ Girl-Meets-Globe

        We love them! He is a bit obsessed! He even picks them up on layovers just to have them. They’re taking over our cupboards!! 😉

        • Jessica – Independent Travel C

          Ethan used to work at Starbucks and we know someone who had entire cupboard devoted to her Starbucks mug collection. We used to pick them up with his discount whereever we went;)

  • Kaelene Spence

    I tend to not get rid of any photos of my travels but for the most part it is not to often that I pick up little things from places I travel. Were always trying to pack light so I think this helps with my travel hoarding.

    • Bonnie Rose

      That is so good that you can travel back light. I think I am getting better at it now, its harder when I travel abroad to a new place for the first time. But I did pretty well when in Cambodia. :)

  • Phoebe Thomas

    Firstly THANK you sooo much for choosing my post from last week, I’m really happy and flattered you did. And secondly YES YES YES, I’m a travel hoarder! It feels good to get it out. “Hello my name’s Phoebe and I’m a travel hoarder”! I’ve got receipts, leaves, tickets, shells, metro maps, brochures, menus, matchbooks etc for trips as far back as the Ice Age.

    • Bonnie Rose

      You are so welcome Phoebe, I really enjoyed it. I love that someone gets my pain as a travel hoarder. 😉 x

  • Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    I’d say that I’m between the two. Some trips I have kept lots, others next to nothing. I am sorting my old photos out for the purpose of reminiscing!

    • Bonnie Rose

      I hear ya…i think i’m like that now too. Cambodia i was pretty okay, but then theres been others where I thought I could scrapbook it later and it did not happen. :/

  • Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault

    My travel hoarding tends to be more in my head – happy memories! My sister in law however is a massive traveller and has box loads of things! Joining in with Travel Tuesday for the first time from our beautiful corner of Normandy, France!

    • Bonnie Rose

      Travel hoarding in the head is so much better. :) Thank you for linking up! x

  • Kate Hall

    I am so jealous you are going through all of this stuff, it’s one of my favourite things to do! I am exactly like you but on a smaller scale as I don’t have the space for boxes of things, but I do hoard everything from trinkets to train tickets to receipts… It’s weird. But I love the memories!

  • Rachel G

    I have the instinct to keep all of these types of mementos, but often I don’t because of the very factor of moving much–when you’re limited to two suitcases you can’t indulge too much in mementos!

  • Sarah Shumate

    That’s a good term – I like it! We don’t buy souvenirs on our trips and I never save the brochures or tickets from things because we don’t have the space. Sometimes I think how nice it would be to look back through them, so I totally get why you keep lugging that box from place to place, but maybe it’s a good thing we don’t have anywhere to keep things. Throwing out stuff is hard!

  • Dannielle @ Chic-a-DeeDee

    I hoard ticket stubs and airlplane stubs, but in the past year I’ve started throwing things out other than maybe museum stubs that I may do something with (keyword being may). I think since moving to the UK I’ve scaled down my hoarder ways.

  • Amanda

    I am the exact same way! I keep telling myself that one day I’ll put travel mementos into a shadow box or a book…but that day has never come! x

  • Eternally WanderLyn

    Travel hoarding is definitely a problem! I still have boxes filled with stuff that continues to move along with me too. LOL

  • Sara Louise

    I’m not a travel hoarder but I actually wish I had been one!

  • Tracy O’Neill

    Absolutely! We have a house now so it’s not a problem. I have decorative boxes dedicated to each trip and have them lined up on my bookshelf in my office. So I can easily open them up and reminisce. I also love to collect postcards and I create photo books for every trip so the pictures are all organized and easily accessible.

  • Carly @ Let Us Wanderlust

    I absolutely agree – travel hoarding is a real thing! I used to do the same – keep all my airplane ticket stubs and receipts and brochure etc. But I’ve moved house a number of times over the past 2 years so it encouraged me to be more of a minimalist and I did a big ‘spring’ clean! I’ll always keep my photos etc but I decided I don’t need those ticket stubs and receipts any longer!

  • Daisy L

    I am definitely a travel hoarder! I’ve started scanning things in to scrapbook instead of keeping all the pieces of paper that will surely get lost!

  • Phoebe Thomas

    Urgh, I just linked up my latest post and made a stupid typo “Moanco” should read Monaco! Is there any chance you could delete it and I’ll repost? Thanks!!

  • Jessica – Independent Travel C

    Yes, I am a bit of a travel hoarder for sure. We have several bags of travel related brochures, ticket stubs, receipts, etc. We also have things of places we haven’t been but have picked up thinking we might use them. We need to do some Spring Cleaning:)

  • Kristin Creekmore

    I have the exact same problem; but like you, I’m working on it! I want to keep everything because I know the likelihood of me ever going back to the same spot twice is slim. I’ve realized my need to keep all these things stems from- like most things – fear; in this case fear of forgetting, and of being forgotten. So I hold on. The truth is though, clutter makes me stressed, and my travels are woven into me and are a part of me. Time might fade exact memories, and the places I’ve been will certainly forget I’ve ever been there. But it’s all a part of me regardless. Like you, I’ve started taking photos and throwing things out. I thought it would be painful, but it’s actually so freeing!

  • Megan Joy

    I used to be such a travel hoarder, but now that I’ve started blogging, I find that I’m much less inclined to keep things. I used to save every ticket stub and brochure, but blogging now eliminates my urge to do so. I keep them until I’ve written my blog and then toss them when I no longer need the info. The only things I keep now are my travel guides and maps. You never know when you’ll need those again.

  • Sammy Dorn

    I remember going to Rainbow Beach as a kid and begging my mum for a coke bottle so I could collect the coloured sands. I used to camp there as a kid and I spent New Years there in 2011 in an amazing beach house. Ahh the memories! I am not a massive travel hoarder. I have a lot of postcards!

  • AmyMacWorld

    I am definitely a travel hoarder. I have so many random souvenirs from all my travels, many that I don’t know what to do with, but at the same time, I can’t imagine parting with any of them!!!

  • Sarah I

    I have boxes full of travel memories, I keep meaning to sort through them but I am not quite ready to part with any of it yet!

  • Kelly Rodriguez

    I don’t know that I am a hoarder, but a pack-rat? For sure. I have boxes of things saved, thousands of pictures and albums and millions of memories. I revisit them at times, but I don’t know that I will ever be able to part with them.


  • Erika

    Oh man, once again, we are the same person! I do the same thing, too, and I have yet to actually organize and turn my things into anything. I’d like to someday, though… For now, I just have boxes with various things from my times abroad!

  • Jackie

    I have a box of mementos from all of my travels, inclusive of train tickets, plane stubs, pebbles from beaches + pine cones from forests and a huge stack of postcards! I usually put most of them into my scrapbooks!

  • Marija Petrović

    Sometimes I feel like I don’t have enough stuff saved from my travels :)

    ps: Can we link old post, or it has to be a new one?

  • Annabel Krantz

    I think I might be the ultimate travel hoarder… I also have boxes from each of my trips that I don’t know what to do with, but can’t part with. Plus, I have postcards and shotglasses and magnets… I’m slightly OCD about ‘collecting’ things. But I’m an amazing packer, so can usually fit everything into my pack!

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