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I wanted to start of this week and say a big welcome to all the new readers and bloggers who have been joining in recently. While I have been blogging less this year than last, it is all the travel and expat posts you all share that keep me coming back week to week.  My wanderlust is only expanding and I admit I love to travel vicariously through you all.  Since we do have quite a few new faces and readers I wanted to let you know about what is happening next week and what will continue once a month.
Once a month we have a themed prompt, which is usually decided by one of my co-hosts for Travel Tuesday.  The co-hosts change every few months, and are nominated by those who have taken part by bloggers they see most active across the Travel Tuesday link up.

The theme prompt for next week is:
‘Interesting/Weird Layovers’
We would love to know what you have accomplished in the few (or many) hours between flights.  Perhaps you have managed to catch a flight despite bad circumstance.  Or even if you have not faced a layover yourself, tips and advice that you would take with you when that moment arises.  The prompt should not limit you but just give you a starting point and run with it.
As always do not feel you cannot linkup next week if you do not participate. Any travel or expat related posts are always welcome!
I have really been homesick for Hawaii recently.  Perhaps it is the colder weather that is finally creeping back in here in Bath, England.  Hawaii has become the place in the USA where I have lived the longest and I must say it has kept a piece of my heart forever.  At work I have several ‘Hawaiian’ songs that play on my daily playlist and when they show up on shuffle they always bring a smile to my face and a skip to my heart.  So it was no wonder that this past week I really enjoyed every single word, photo, and memory that was shared by Jamie of North of Something.  Thank you babette for linking up and sharing your Island adventure. North Shore is definitely my favourite place on Oahu, Hawaii. Do not take my word for it though, check out her post.

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  • Sandra Dötsch

    I can totally understand to miss a season, since I am in Buenos Aires now and summer is about too start, my inner european clock is kind of expecting bad and cold weather and the the hope for snow haha 😉

  • Carly @ Let Us Wanderlust

    The Travel Tuesday link up is still my favourite ever! I love the prompt for next week and can’t wait to read some great stories! Xxx

  • AmyMacWorld

    Great sentiment. I love Travel Tuesday and I feel so lucky to be a co-host right now. Looking forward to next week’s prompt :) xo

  • Jessi

    Agreed – I am really looking forward to hearing everyone’s stories next month :)

  • Danielle Laurence

    Love the travel prompt for next week — looking forward to tips that distract me from my usual twittering/facebooking instead!

  • Jamie | North of Something

    Hey I just saw the feature on the North Shore post! Thanks so much :)