Firmoo Glasses


Basically from the moment I wake up, until the moment I go to bed I depend on glasses to see.  Except for taking them off to read (or take a shameless selfie), they become a pivotal accessory to my day to day look.  I had been wearing the same two pairs of glasses for the last couple of years and wanted to change it up.  The idea of heading into a eye glass store can be daunting and overwhelming.

That is where Firmoo comes in.  As an online retailer of prescription eyewear, they make getting new glasses simple and easy.  I found their selection of glasses to be fashionable, fun, and even hard to choose just one from all the options.  It was easy to use my current prescription to buy the glasses I wanted to buy.


When the glasses came in they were enclosed within a durable case with a map design that this travel and expat blogger can appreciate.  The lenses felt great on and I really loved how they looked in person.  They have become one of my favourite pairs of glasses and tend to get worn a lot during days I go into work.

Honestly I look forward to ordering future pairs of glasses from Firmoo and could see glasses being to me what a shoes can be for some fashion bloggers.  They are great way to change up your look as well as help you see the world more clearly.

Get a pair of Firmoo glasses for yourself and change the way you see the world of shopping for glasses online.  You can use this 15% off code on the frames site wide.


How to choose the perfect pair of glasses online ?

1. Use Firmoo‘s  Virtual Look Viewer to check the shape of the frame and how it suits your face.  It is a great tool for a sneak peek of your new look.

2. Compare the frame size data with the old eyeglasses is also helpful to find your perfect new Firmoo glasses. The specification like weight, sizes of the frames can be found at the product page.


Have you ordered glasses from Firmoo yet?  When you do comment below with a link to the photo. I’d love to see which frames you choose!

  • Carly @ Let Us Wanderlust

    When I saw the picture – I did a double take! I choose the exact same pair of glasses when Firmoo offered me the chance to review a pair of their glasses! I love them!

  • Molly @ The Move to America

    I was just thinking about changing up my glasses as I have had them now for 3-4 years (which reminds me, I really do need to have my eyesight checked)! I love the look of these and will peruse this site! Want something a bit more unique!

  • LydiaCLee

    They look great!!