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Barmouth Beach Pt. II

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Today I am going to be following up my travel post from Barmouth Wales, when I posted about The Beach at Barmouth Pt. I back in the summer. This is part II and our third trip to Barmouth Beach during our 10th Anniversary Vow Renewal trip to Wales.  We just loved being at the seaside and this time we actually go into the cold water. Well my sons did anyways and the rest of us enjoyed hanging out on the beach.  The picturesque views and salty air were just what I needed. Now that it is getting cold and November is approaching, I really enjoy soaking up the last memories of Summer. 
(Also as a side note the girl pictured below is my sister)
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Barmouth Beach Pt. I

Since so many of you enjoyed the post about our evening at the coastal town of Barmouth in Wales, I thought it only fitting that I follow up with a couple more beach themed posts in the town.  We spent sunset at the nearly empty beach on this particular evening and it inspired a follow up beach day later that week.  During this occasion it was quite windy and tiny sand particles stung our face as our hair flew about in the wind.  The tall grasses seemed to dance and the sand was textured by the ribbed pattern the wind created like art.  In our exploration of the beach we found an Easter Island type statue watching out towards the ocean in solitude.  My hawaiian raised boys had fun playing in the sand and running up and down the dunes.  With the setting sun and the picturesque town views behind us, I walked away to the car leaving my regular glasses (I was wearing my prescription sunglasses) and my hair clip in the sand.  Luckily once in the car I realised it was not on my person and we made a mad dash to locate the items.  Needless to say the area had a way of capturing my heart and keeping my attention away from worldly matters and onto the details of simple beauty and the wishes that the ocean holds. 

Q: Do you have a place that can put you perfectly at ease or capture your heart, mind, and/or soul?

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Travel: Barmouth, Wales

Yesterday I took you to Corris, Wales to the King Arthur’s Labyrinth.  After our memorable day there we headed into the coastal town of Barmouth for dinner.  Our lovely hosts at the Penycoed Hall Guest House recommended we try The Mermaid for their infamous fish & chips.  My sister Zoë had arrived a few days later than the group and had yet to eat this British delicacy on this trip back…and was craving it!  I have had some delicious fish & chips and some i-regret-ordering-this-meal fish & chips during my time living in the UK.  I can definitely say that our experience at the Mermaid was wonderful, the service was fast, and the food was eaten before we knew it. We were able to snag a two tables for our party inside, but it ended up getting quite the que of people waiting to make their orders. It must be a very popular spot in Barmouth.
Afterwards we walked around the town, found a grocery store to stock up our kitchen back at the B&B, and took a stroll along the beach.  The beach photographs to follow soon as I recap our lovely 10th Anniversary adventure in Wales.  It was a lovely evening and a perfect end to another beautiful day leading up to our Vow Renewal. 
 Q: What are some of your favourite aspects or memories from visiting seaside and coastal towns?
* Photography belongs to Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 – 2013 All Rights Reserved |