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Win London Retro frames from Glasses Direct


Have you ever bought prescription glasses online or do you usually go to the optician to select your new frames?  Up till now I have always tried on my glasses in person.  I am that lovely near-sighted girl who continues to put on and take off different frames in comparison inches away from the mirror.  Which do I like better?  One or Two? This brand or that brand over there? Do I stick with the tried and true Buddy Holiday inspired frames or opt for colour? Continue reading

Pow Gift Bags

I really would love to beat out last year’s two layer Batman cake with an 8 layer Justice League cake for Maddox’s birthday this year. But after the debate between the cake and cupcakes (and dealing with with lots of fondant) I am leaning towards doing Cake Pops this year. Besides the fact that all the parties we have been to in England they send the cake home with the kids to eat later. Seems like the Cake Pops would be perfect for that. I can always do a tiny little cake with the candle for his birthday song. Thoughts?

Before & After of the gift bags for my son’s party.
My glasses for ‘something you cannot live without.
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‘Bird’ for Day 5 from my Dad’s illustrated animal encyclopedia.
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