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Swim Lessons with Ronan & Maddox

My boys have been doing swim lessons on Saturday morning for the past few weeks and this Saturday has marked the middle of the term.  Maddox is in level II and his big brother Ronan is in level III.  They both have been having a lot of fun in the water and improving on their technique and skills.  Pictured to the left is a photo of Maddox working on his front crawl after kicking off from the side of the pool.  It is hard to think that a year ago he would not want to be in water deeper than his height. Soon he will be swimming as well as his brother.  Ronan has really improved on his front and back stroke in the last few weeks.  We also took him to a pool with a diving board and got to seem him go off of one for the very first time.  Seeing him conquer his fear and accomplish that goal was amazing as a parent to watch.  I know my boys both miss Hawaii quite a lot, but their love of water and being in the water has not vanished. 
Swim lessons are fun!
Working on the different ways to float.
Lap Swimming
Ready for kick off!

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Lake Trip in Missouri

Driving into St. Louis 

This week we drove down to Missouri to visit with my husband’s brother and his family.  We spent a little time in their hometown of Springfield, Mo and then four days by the lake in Branson, Mo.  Hands down my favourite moments this have been on the lake.  I love the water and being able to kayak, be on the pontoon,  or just lay out on the water and tan.  The best part was being able to be with my boys and enjoy some well deserved quality time.  I just wish my husband was here to enjoy it with us.

Ronan & Maddox visiting a farm in Springfield, Mo. 
Ronan and I loved kayaking on the lake.  
The boys on the Pontoon. 
Maddox enjoying fishing.