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Double Rainbows – Bath, England

Double RainbowDouble Rainbow

On a country walk recently it began to rain for a bit on our way back home. With our rain jackets and wellies we did not let a little rain spoil what had already been a wonderful afternoon in the English countryside. Upon entering our town we were greeted with an amazing site of a double rainbow. I have not seen rainbows like this, so vibrant and beautiful, since we were living on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.  I loved photographing rainbows when we were living the island life.  Since my father’s death in 2008,  seeing a rainbow has always reminded me of him and his Aloha spirit. He had been on my mind so much during our walk and in my family’s conversation that day.  As a Third Culture Kid (TCK) in our expat life, feeling so connected to my dad in the country where my life all began feels like the closest thing to ‘home’ that I can describe.  The previous rainbows that we have seen in England in the past year have been on our 10th Anniversary Vow Renewal in Wales and when we returned to Bath with my mum after our summer travels in August.  In a way I feel like he is watching over us.

Double Rainbow

 From my Ohana to yours,
may this week be filled with wonderful reminders
of just how wonderful and beautiful life is around you.

Q: Have you ever seen a double rainbow? Do you connect on a personal level with them too?

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Skyline & Self Portrait

kyline. Its lovely English weather of grey skies and rain.
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Self portrait.
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My favourite colour: PINK #photoadaychallange #maycreative (Taken with instagram)

I am going to do a Sex and the City marathon starting with Season 1 Episode 1 and not stop until I have finished the second film. xx

More Rain

Just spent the evening having a ‘Mummy and boys’ night while Ryan is doing his thing at Chatham house in London. I wish it was not a school night and I did not have a long work day tomorrow. Would have loved to stretch our fun night out longer. I love my two little men.

Another rainy walk to school.
‘Black & White': Our wall art.
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Cold and Rainy

 It has been very cold and rainy in England recently.  I go outside in so many layers. There have been some mornings where I will wear two or three pairs of tights, knee high socks or leg warmers, boots, and my warmer pair of dress slacks on top for just the bottom half of my body.  No joke. After living in Hawaii I am a wimp with this weather. Which is crazy when I remember being a little girl growing up in Norfolk, England wearing shorts in the cold weather.

This morning it was quite hard to get out of bed.  The covers were warm and looking outside it was wet and cold.  Brrrr….

They joke that the English talk a lot about the weather.  I did not get it until I found myself checking my weather app constantly.  I not only look at the weather here, but the warm weather temperatures else where in the world.  Heres to hoping for rainbows.

Rainy weather in England. 

Football in the Park (and the rain!

It is just the boys and I for the rest of the week while Ryan is away on a trip with his classmates.  Despite  not having their dad here, I aim to keep life fun.  Even though England is giving us some pretty miserable weather, I took the boys to the park straight from school.  I did not really plan on the mud and right away we were all slipping and slidding. Or to be fair, I was the one slipping and almost biting it hard in the mud.  To add to the theatrics, the boys afterwards were ready to take aim at my backside with the muddy football. It was lots of laughter and smiles and we had a whole bunch of fun.

I took the boys to the park after school to play football.
It was wet and muddy but we had quite a bit of fun never the less.
The rain really started to come down but frowns were nowhere in sight. 
After homework we watched TRON from the 80’s with dinner. 
Keeping the diet Ryan cooks we had Salmon for our meal.