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Halloween 2013

October is flying by fast and November will be here after Halloween has come and gone. This is the first Halloween that I will not be with my boys and so I made sure we got costumes and photos before I had to leave back home to England.  Halloween is not really my favourite holiday but I have carried a rule from my mum, ‘Nothing scary’ in regards to the costume selection.  We originally had decided on Doctor Who, but since my husband and I cannot celebrate with the boys, my sons chose the Avengers as their back up plan.  Ronan chose to be Thor and Maddox chose to be Captain America.  I took them out to Allerton Park last week and we had a Halloween photo shoot.  Here are my favourites.  I wish my boys a fun (and safe!) Halloween on Wednesday.  Look forward to seeing my two favourite heroes very soon! xx

Thor & Captain America
Captain America 
Captain America
Ronan as Thor
Maddox as Captain America

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Down with the Flu

So thankful for our neighbour who took our boys to and from school yesterday, as well as today and has offered to have them over for dinner tonight too. Starting to feel better, but taking myself out for a walk to get the last of the sunshine (and vitamin D) before the rain and cold weather comes back tomorrow. Hopefully the last part of this flu, a painful migraine, dissipates soon. Finally having time to catch up on photograph edits to share with you all from the country walk we took on Sunday:

Ronan and Maddox on the start of our walk.  
Of course they were quick to correct us that it was not a ‘hike’ but an ‘adventure!’
Dirt biking hills made fun obstacles to run over.
Or jump over too!
The boys ran through the fields of wild flowers. 
Then picked a whole bunch to fill mummy’s pockets.

 Here are the Instagram shots for today:

‘Valuable': I thought I had lost my photo from the Floating Lantern Festival in Hawaii.
To me out of material possessions photos are the most valuable.
#maycreative #photoadaychallenge
‘A number': Five 
#photoadaymay #photoadaychallenge #comics
Watching the Bachelorette with a homemade smoothie.@emilygmaynard is my favourite bachelorette.

Memorial Day

‘The weather today': Here in England and back home in Hawaii
#photoadaymay #weather #photoadaychallenge #Hawaii #England
Gone but not forgotten': Remembering both my dad, LT. Col Nystrom ret.,
and his father who are both veterans of foreign wars.
#memorial #VFW

‘Stars': Hollywood 
#maycreative #Marilyn 
@welovemarilyn @dailymonroe
First thing I have been able to eat all day and it’s 9:25pm.
A no fun day of intense nausea and vomiting.

You have bad days so you know when you have good days.

Woke up with immense nausea and vomiting. Nearly noon and do not feel any better. Husband has had a high fever since last night. Not fun :(

Maddox’s Superhero party at the Bowling Alley

Maddox’s Super Hero party at the bowling alley was quite fun. We had 13 boys in total and our party hostess took care of pretty much everything. The other parents made a lot of comments on all the details we put together for party. I think the consensus was that I should become a party planner. The photo booth went well though we did just one group shot since it was hard enough to wrangle all the boys together for a photo. The cake pops did not pass the decoration phase and our ‘plan b’ cake got left at home by mistake. So we are going to enjoy the cake on Maddox’s actual birthday. I have had very little sleep with party prep…pretty much exhausted.

Bridesmaid hair today at work. Stylist: Bonnie Rose
#hairstyle #updo #wedding #hair
‘Birds': We like to watch the ducks after church on Sundays.
 #maycreative #photoadaychallenge
‘Something that makes you happy': Finding a bespoke dresser that looks like a dollhouse.
#photoadaymay #photoadaychallenge 
My take on Wonder Woman for my son’s superhero party.
Want to see more photos from the party? Stay tuned…

Comics & Monogram

Comic book shop finds for my sons 5th birthday coming up. #comics

The M collage of Flash I made for my son Maddox.
 #comics #flash

I am about to select which of these make it to be Maddox’s birthday presents, and which ones will be less fortunate and get to be mutilated and cut up so that I can make cute photo frames for the gift bags. Just taking the Flash ones from the 90’s out of the plastic sleeves is making me want to turn around and look for Sheldon’s disapproval. I’m getting a little anxious about the cake pops I need to make on Friday. First time making them and I really hope they a) turn out alright b) taste amazing c) look pretty Anyone make them before have any tips, advice, or flavour ideas that they like the best? I am making ‘superhero’ ones for 10 boys ages 4 – 9.

‘No socks.’ #maycreative #photoadaychallange
‘A smell I Adore’ is the discontinued Tahiti Coconut & Vanilla lotion by Bath & Body Works
 #photoadaymay #photoadaychallange #coconut #vanilla #scent
Found the Justice League comics in Brighton that I need for Maddox’s birthday. Headed home to start making superhero party decorations.

Nature & You

Self portrait for ‘You’
 #maycreative #photoadaychallange #selfportrait #fashion
‘Nature’ walk and take time to smell the flowers.
#photoadaymay #photoadaychallange #pink #flowers
The masks I’m seeing by hand, embellished with a superhero logo for my son Maddox birthday party.

Pow Gift Bags

I really would love to beat out last year’s two layer Batman cake with an 8 layer Justice League cake for Maddox’s birthday this year. But after the debate between the cake and cupcakes (and dealing with with lots of fondant) I am leaning towards doing Cake Pops this year. Besides the fact that all the parties we have been to in England they send the cake home with the kids to eat later. Seems like the Cake Pops would be perfect for that. I can always do a tiny little cake with the candle for his birthday song. Thoughts?

Before & After of the gift bags for my son’s party.
My glasses for ‘something you cannot live without.
#photoadaymay #photoadaychallange
‘Bird’ for Day 5 from my Dad’s illustrated animal encyclopedia.
#photoadaymay #photoadaychallange