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I cannot tell you how happy I am that June is here.  I do not think I would be as elated if it was not for all the gorgeous sunshine that has been bestowed on merry ol’ England.  It is so lovely and so warm that I find myself making any excuse I can for being outside.  I have actually been able to catch up on most of the laundry since I can have it drying outside on the line.  I honestly could get used to this.  There is a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that the weather is just toying with me.  That when summer is full on and I am vacation in Wales in August I will be greeted with nothing but rain.  Rain is supposed to bring good luck on your wedding day, it did rain on my wedding day, and for my vow renewal I would just like a bit of sunshine.  Please?
So in the process of cleaning and folding clothes I  have been in a spring cleaning mode to get rid of all outgrown or overly used clothes from my sons’ wardrobes.  For me I have decided that means it is finally time to part with all those clothes I put on only to look in the mirror and throw it on the floor.  While my husband has no problem shopping for himself and always looks so GQ on his way to work, I  usually will not buy something for myself unless its a gift.  Through looking in shops in the town of Bath and looking at the online websites I have decided to start looking for pieces needed to fill in gaps of my wardrobe and for the summer.  Through my search I have realised I should check out a John Lewis shop.  I had already seen much of the Spring Season 2012 of John Lewis at the Bristol Fashion Week a couple months back.  I have not had the opportunity to be inside a store yet since moving back to Europe and yet I have a few pieces from John Lewis that I would love to own.
The first is the pair of wing tipped shoes my blogger friend, Jade, is sporting in the photo below.  They look like a pair of shoes that should already be a staple in my day to day look book.  I asked her where she had gotten them and she told me John Lewis. 
The next is this linen dress by Mango, something I found while searching for items to take with me to Wales.  I have quite a few summer dresses but they were mostly all purchased in Hawaii and seem to fit that island vibe better than this one.  This simple linen dress hit my eye because of the lines and details gives a very classy appearance. 
As a girl does my shopping online journey takes me from one train of thought to another and then I start thinking about California, my time living in the coastal town of Monterey, and my trips to San Francisco,  L.A. and San Diego.  There was one song that would always play on my music player when taking a road trip through or to California.  California by dkjfdkjfkdjf   The infamous theme song from the television programme The O.C.  Which starred Mischa Barton who became the girl whose wardrobe we all wanted to raid.  She now designs and there a purse of hers found at…you guessed it, John Lewis.

So while the good weather is out I will be outside lounging in it, vicariously shopping online for the perfect items for my vacation to Wales.  
Q: What wardrobe pieces are you adding to your summer look this summer? 
Or are there any key items you think every Girl Gone International should have in her bag?

Lake Trip in Missouri

Driving into St. Louis 

This week we drove down to Missouri to visit with my husband’s brother and his family.  We spent a little time in their hometown of Springfield, Mo and then four days by the lake in Branson, Mo.  Hands down my favourite moments this have been on the lake.  I love the water and being able to kayak, be on the pontoon,  or just lay out on the water and tan.  The best part was being able to be with my boys and enjoy some well deserved quality time.  I just wish my husband was here to enjoy it with us.

Ronan & Maddox visiting a farm in Springfield, Mo. 
Ronan and I loved kayaking on the lake.  
The boys on the Pontoon. 
Maddox enjoying fishing.