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Baaaaa-ank Holiday Monday

Today was a bank holiday here in England and so Ryan had the day off of work.  
Since the boys were already off of school for Easter break, 
we were able to get two days of country walking in this weekend.  
Yesterday we walked for four hours and today for nearly five 
as we went on a seven mile walk through the English countryside.  
We saw deer both days.  Today we also saw the following animals: 
cows, horses, pigs, llamas, chickens, goats, birds, chickens, and fields of sheep.  
I love sheep. Especially the way the dot the rolling hills behind our house. 
But they are even cuter when  you have to walk through 
a field of them and have them ‘bah’ ing in chorus around you.  
I hope you like photographs of sheep 
because I took quite a lot to share with you on the blog. 
Pink Wellies by Hunter, black leggings & scarf from my closet, and I raided my husband’s closet for the jumper. 
The deer that we saw today running through the meadow. 
Trying to get my boys to not shout, as to scare the wildlife,  was proving challenging today.
Then we came across the sheep.  
There were so many little lambs running about the field. 
Here was one feeding from their mummy. 
My babies obliged me with having their photo taken with the sheep.
There was a whole field full of sheep. 
The lamb were definitely my favourite.  So cute.
Maddox said he was very glad to see the sheep because it was his first time being so close to them. 
We eventually found our path through the field and what could be cuter than watching your family among the sheep. 
My husband with our our sons and the sheep in the background. 

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Kennet and Avon Canal

Across the pond in England our weekend has ended and we are left with wonderful memories to cherish.  Our 2013 has brought a renewed look on life as I look back through the last several years.  It has focused us onto the simpler things of life and to what is truly important.  Times can be tough and it seems these times there are many out there struggling to get through the month.  While there has been times when life was certainly easier, I would not  pass up how we spent our weekend.  
Saturday we slept in and enjoyed the extra hour underneath the covers.  I had been a little under the weather over the last few days and was enjoying the longer lie in.  However have tried to make it our thing that we go out on a country walk once a week.  Sometimes the weather is not as cooperative.  Despite the dense fog, or maybe because of the mysteriousness of it, I shrugged off the appeal to be a homebody and got the family ready to go after breakfast.  With our warm coats and wellies (rain boots) my husband led us to a new direction we had not ventured yet towards Bathampton.  
It was there that we ran into the Kennet and Avon Canal.  The two stretches of river were made navigable for passage in the early 18th century but was only restored and reopened in 1990.  It is surrounded in heritage and now a tourist destination for travelers and locals a like who partake in boating, canoeing, fishing, walking and cycling.  

The Peter John Wells art trail on the Kennet and Avon Canal was one of those things we did not plan on seeing but that made it a really fun experience for my kids.  Along the Canal the kids could spot and point out the different sculptures of art like the ‘ifish’ and the ‘mishell’.  
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 I had originally taken this photograph because I remember watching a show when I was a little girl in England about puppets came to life and lived on a canal boat like this one.  When we passed back this way on our walk I realized it is a cafe where you can sit on the boat or alongside it and enjoy a nice cup of tea.  Besides bringing a picnic lunch with you there are not really any other advantages for refreshments   Though we did not try it out ourselves, it did look quite popular later in the afternoon.

We started technically from our house in Batheaston and made our way to Bathampton.  We then walked along the canal all the way to the Dundas Aqueduct.  We did take a longer time walking out there with enjoying the moment, taking photos, and talking about all the things we saw along our walk. We did not even look at the time until we got to the Aqueduct to find out just how far we had walked.  In all by the time we got home we had been out for five hours and had walked roughly ten miles.  I was quite surprised my sons had managed it, but it was all about the fun experience. For something where the cost is ‘free’ it became even that more priceless for us as a family.  These moments together outside exploring our home in England are the most precious to us. 
We also found it fun to count the canal boats and I believe we counted a rough number of 120, give or take a few.  Sometimes it can be a little rough counting them all when you are having fun talking with your family along the way.  Some of the canal boats were parked in their designated spaces and others we could see going up and down the canals.   

It was really fascinating to see the bridges move when needed for the canal boats to pass between one side and the other.  On this bridge you can see a few bicycles parked.  Between the runners and the cyclists, both hobbies were quite popular this Saturday afternoon.  Though we do not own bicycles I have read online that you can rent them for the day.  Check out the Canal Vistior Centre  about the Bath & Dundas Canal Co who has a range of bicycles for adults and children alike as well as other cycling accessories for a perfect day out.  The paths are nice and if you can tell from the photographs the views are beautiful and serene. 

View from a bridge looking down on the canal.  
Side sneak view of the Dundas Aqueduct as you round the corner of the canal. 
My family walking on top of the Dundas Aqueduct to see the beautiful views down below.
The beautiful views down below. :) 
We saw two swans swimming on the canal together, enjoying what must have been a romantic afternoon.
Would love to have my own canal boat for a weekend getaway. 
Probably one of my favourite photographs taken on our walk. 

 Sometimes the most fun experiences are the free ones and this was another wonderful family outing to add to our memory books.  It was nice seeing the boys having so much fun while holding the hand of my husband and walking along the Canal.  England is truly a spectacular place to live and I could not imagine not having this as our ‘backyard’.  I definitely recommend checking out the Kennet and Avon Canal on your next visit to Bath.

Welcome to 2013

A new year and we began ours with a move, a new job, and new house.  This is our first house to live in since my husband and I got married almost ten years ago.  It has been really nice to get out of the small flat and into a place with lots of storage space and room to enjoy family time.  What I love the most is where we are situated in Bath, in the town of Batheaston.  It is like being in the shire and my favourite aspect are the sheep we can see from our windows. It is a great place to call home and I feel so blessed to be here with my family. 
The view of the rolling patchwork quilt hills dotted with white sheep from our windows.
My husband, +Ryan Aherin looking very English and just needing a sheep dog to complete the look.
We took a country walk with the boys on New Years day to see the sheep on the hill. 
The boys and watching the sheep on our Country walk through the Bath countryside. 
My English gentleman. 
The church in town with the English flag flying from above.  
Walking through the town with my three men. 
I love all the details on the buildings and the originality of each door.  
The sunlight breaking through the grey english skies. 
The last of the holiday decorations on the door.  
The winding roads leading us into 2013.
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‘My view today': Wanted to be outside at the park
but instead handing out punishments for dishonesty.
‘Door': My first attempt at Batman-ing.
#photoadayjune #door #batmaning #Batman
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batmaaaan.
#nails #nailart #Batman
‘Drink': Sparkling water with lemon
Mountain Dew for
#throwbackthursday #mtn_dew
‘Best bit of your weekend': Having tea with my sons.
‘From a low angle’

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  • ‎”You just have to live and life will give you pictures” – HCB
  • Going through my photograph archives from the last 3 yrs reminds me how blessed I’ve truly been by the people that have come into my life. x
  • If you are going to consume totally empty and might i add illegal calories at least it should be from Belgium @abcfBunheads #Ballerina
  • Love the pink themed Schiaparelli suite @EmilyMaynard stayed in at @TheMayFairHotel #bachelorette
  • Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batmaaaan. #nails #nailart #Batman
  • Photo: Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batmaaaan. #nails #nailart #Batman (Taken with Instagram)
  • Photo: ‘Door’: My first attempt at Batman-ing. #photoadayjune #door #batmaning #Batman (Taken with…

Jubilee Weekend

Congratulations to HRH the Queen on 60 years of reign. WOW! The Jubilee concert was amazing! (minus Cheryl Cole’s part in the duet with Barlow). Thoughts to Prince Phillip who is in the hospital. Sir Paul McCartney was an amazing end to the festivities. Land of Hope and Glory! Proud to be British! xx

‘Empty': My boys polished off one of our boxes of cereal
from our limited edition boxes for the Diamond Jubilee.
#photoadayjune #vintage #jubilee
‘Diamond Jubilee’ festivities continue in Lindfield, England.
Zoobi Jones‘s mum got to hold the Olympic torch. What an awesome opportunity. She’s 101 and rocking! xx
‘Close up': Screen cap of the flower light show on Buckingham Palace
for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.
#photoadayjune #jubilee #diamondjubilee #London #Buckinghampalace
Imagine sitting in your living room filling out job apps
when one of these flies bye on the wall in the hallway…

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  • The #diamondjubilee concert outside Buckingham Place has begin! Love the musical line up! Watching Live with my family.
  • Sing – Gary Barlow & The Commonwealth Band featuring Military Wives: via @youtube
  • Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Especially if you are the Queen celebrating 60 years! #DiamondJubilee #proudtobeenglish
  • ‎’Diamond Jubilee’ festivities continue in Lindfield, England.
  • My 5 yr old is singing Lady Gaga while cleaning his room. My husband turns to me and asks, ‘Is that your doing?’ Not sure, but good song.
  • The Diamond Jubilee weekend is here! Monday marks the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne. Fun packed weekend!

Memorial Day & Country Walk

The Sun is still out and I am very delighted by that fact.  So after spending the morning inside and waiting for Ryan to get back from work we decided it was time lunch.  Refueled and ready to go outside we went on a country walk near our house.  The boys had fun and though they decided it was ‘not hiking’ but ‘an adenture’ it sounds like they enjoyed themselves.  We found lots of pretty plants and flowers and even interesting bugs.  No deer sighting but we did get barked at by a very small dog. I look forward to many more hikes out with the family.  I used to go out on country walks with my dad when I was Ronan’s age, living in England .  We lived on a farm and would go out exploring the lands picking up little things we found along the way and looking for birds from our book. It is really nice reliving our life through our kids and enjoying it together.

The boys and I during our walk.  
Country walk today for a photo outing with the family.
Photo Ryan posted of us on the walk 
Something Sweet': Found these earrings in Arizona and loved them at first sight. 
They are sweet to me. 
#photoadaymay #earrings #photoadaychallenge #birds
‘iPhone or Android': I upgraded to a Galaxy S2 but still use my broken iPhone3Gs for music. 
#maycreative #photoadaychallenge #iphone #Android #Samsung 
It’s a wavy hair kind of day. 
#hair #waves

The boys and I did 2 hrs of Italian today. At dinner we reviewed. Now after a lesson of French my mouth needs a rest. 58 days till our trip.

Just returned from our nature walk.Reminded me of my walks with dad. Love photographing through the trees and using the sun as backlight.

Nature walk with my there guys and my beloved Nikon.

I love smelling like a bounty bar. Yummy scent. Although it makes me crave chocolate. #coconutoil

Instead of using hair ties that can cause breakage, use chopsticks to tie your hair back.

Instead of using hair ties that can cause breakage, use chopsticks to tie your hair back.

More Rain

Just spent the evening having a ‘Mummy and boys’ night while Ryan is doing his thing at Chatham house in London. I wish it was not a school night and I did not have a long work day tomorrow. Would have loved to stretch our fun night out longer. I love my two little men.

Another rainy walk to school.
‘Black & White': Our wall art.
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