Monthly Archives: March 2005

Go Fighting Illini!

Illini is playing Arizona tonight…a very big game being that Ryan is an huge Illini fan and we are living only miles away from the U of A. Who who win??? Ryan and Ronan are watching the game and rooting for the fighting illini! Go Dee Brown!
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"Toyland! Toyland! Every Girl and Boy Land!"

Today we took Ronan to Babies R Us. What an adventure! Of course, after the long car ride to the store, Ronan was put to sleep. His parents then made the mistake of waking him up so they could show him every toy in the running to be his first toy. Ronan was happier with sleeping. But we still managed to find the perfect toy for him and even a smaller one that can hook on to his carseat to play with on the go. This cool aquamarine mat has toys he can grab and a ball he can kick. It even has music. When he gets bigger the mat forms into an arch tunnel that he can crawl through and an ocean view peep hole. Ronan really likes this toy and we have fun watching him cool and kick the beach ball!
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