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Will Travel for Gelato


 The last couple of days at work have reminded me of two cold hard facts.
One: I really need to keep working on my Italian.
It has become embarrassing how much I have forgotten
when trying to converse with Italian clients.

Two: I am in severe need of Gelato.

There is something so wonderful about Gelato.
First the fact that just saying Gelateria is so much fun.
Second, that gelato is so satisfying.
I just love that it is truly acceptable to have gelato a few times a day.
It comes in small servings with a cute little spoon.
You can try so many flavours that vary from gelateria to gelateria.
My favourites from growing up in Napoli, Italia were:
Tiramisu, Hazelnut, Pistachio, and Banana.

However my last trip to Italy I became partial to Yoghurt.

313236_830986819301_861474148_nWhat are your favourite gelato flavours?


Shout out to Camila for her post the End of Africa where she proved you do not need a lengthy post to capture our hearts with wanderlust.  Have now added the tip of Africa as one of the places I must travel to and see for myself.  P.S. I love the traveling minion! Anyone else photobomb their travel photos with a traveling companion?




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Museo Nazionale di San Martino in Naples, Italy


When we went back to Naples, a place where I lived twice in my childhood for a total of six years, I did more than relive memories.  Thanks to a friend I made during our time in Hawaii, who was then stationed in my hometown, I got to see a new side of Napoli.  Places I had not yet seen in a place that still retains the title of the ‘longest place I have ever lived’.  This museum is on top of a hill above the funicolare and overlooks the bay of Naples and the Castello Nuovo.  My favouite aspects were all the details, colours and history that encompassed every part of the museum.  I think the skulls outside were probably my favourite aspect as we viewed it in the bright sunny afternoon.  We took so many photographs and saw so much it became worth every second we spent.  I just found it amazing that even in places you call ‘home’, you can still play tourist and be mesmerised by such beauty. I will let the photographs now do the talking.  Continue reading

12 Things to do in Sorrento

Sorrento Italy1. Relax with drinks at an ocean side cafe  where you can enjoy the stunning views from Sorrento.

Sorrento Italy2. Catch some sun by lying out at the beach and cooling off in the teal blue waters.
Sorrento Italy3. Get married! Or watch one. Visit on a weekend and you are bound to run into quite a few on the same day.
Sorrento Italy4. Grocery Shopping. Why come to sorrento for just a few hours? Make it a proper holiday, find yourself the perfect place to stay in Sorrento, and indulge yourself on shopping for delicious produce and giant sized lemons.
Sorrento Italy5. Buy Presents for your loved ones back home.  From beautiful inlaid wood music boxes to limoncello, you are sure to find the perfect gift for you special someone.
Sorrento Italy6. Indulge your Senses.  Why let your eyes have all the fun when there are so many amazing things to taste and smell.  Visit a local shop where you can try out different coffee varieties and candies inspired by the infamous limoncello.
Sorrento Italy7. Rent a scooter.  Pretend to be Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday for your Sorrento Holiday and take a personal tour around Sorrento by moped.
Sorrento Italy8. Have gelato more than once.  There are so many flavors and different gelaterias will have different variations so make up any excuse to pop in for a scoop (or two!) of this amazing sweet italian delicacy.
Sorrento Italy9. Meet up for a meal with friends and try out one of the places where the locals go to eat.  Some of the best food and wine I have had has been at the hole in the wall places that were suggested to me by my friends in the area.  Just take it from these cats who have found their favourite place
Sorrento Italy10. Go exploring and do not be afraid to get lost.
Sorrento Italy11. Have dinner by the ocean so you can watch and enjoy the sunset.
Sorrento Italy12. Experience the sights and sounds of a Sorrento night life.

Which one would you most look forward to
doing while on your next trip to Sorrento?

Want to read up more on Sorrento? Or dive into my Italian posts archive?

* Photography belongs to Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 – 2014 All Rights Reserved |

Panettone & Yammos in Bath, England

How to Make Panettone

I have to share with you a gem we have found here in Bath.  A Neapolitan restaurant called Yammo!

Having lived in Napoli, Italia as a child and later as a teen I have become a food snob when it comes to Italian food. I resist going to any so-called ‘Italian’ restaurants in the USA and only found one in Malibu, California that came close to the food on which I was brought up. We stumbled upon Yammo one evening for dinner as our stomachs were growling, not knowing what was in store for us.  I was taking by surprise by finding a restaurant owned by a man from Napoli and won over by the amazing food. I have never tasted a pizza that tasted like the pizza from my home in bella Napoli, until I went to Yammo. One taste of the sauce on the pizza margherita and I was transported back home. We have since decided it is our favourite resturant in Bath and have returned to dine in as well as to order pizza delivery to our home.

How to Make Panettone

For my birthday this year all I would have loved to go home to see my friends and ‘family’ in Napoli.  My husband got me the second best thing which was to attend a Panettone demonstration with Ottavia of Ottavia in Cucina at Yammo with a free coffee and tasting session.  I have only ever eaten panettone, never have I made one.  Last year my mum (known as ‘Nonna’) and sister came for Christmas and we were all gutted that we did not get a panettone to share for the holidays.  Needless to say I was very excited to be able to learn all the steps for making this Christmas treat from Italia.

How to Make Panettone How to Make Panettone How to Make Panettone

How to Make Panettone How to Make Panettone How to Make Panettone

I felt I had learned so much more than just how to make panettone from Ottavia at the panettone demonstration at Yammo.  Not only was I enjoying hearing her accent but she was filled with rich information about which ingredients will produce a better panettone and explaining the science behind cooking this yeasted rich bread.  In the photos above she shared tips of how to preserve the aroma from the orange zest by mixing it with your butter first, how to make your own candied fruits, the tools she uses for when she is kneading the dough, and how to hang your panettone upside down after it has finished baking.  How to Make Panettone How to Make Panettone How to Make Panettone How to Make Panettone

How to Make PanettoneThe demonstration was amazing. I only wish we could have made it there as part of the class. I did however get to buy panettone cases so I can try this at home.This was my first time having homemade panettone, having grown up eating the ones from the store for Christmas in Napoli, Italia.  It was really soft and the most delicious panettone I have ever eaten.  I cannot wait to make my own this year too!  Thank you so much to Ottavia and to Yammo for hosting such an amazing afternoon!

66 Walcot Street, Bath, BA1 5BD
For delivery call 01225 938328

Ottavia in Cucina

Q: Have you ever tried Italy’s beloved Panettone or made one at home?  




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25 Days of Christmas

Checking in on the Nutcracker this morning, Prince Ice, who was up last night playing cards with T.Rex for peanut m&ms.  Unfortunately with T.Rex’s limited arm reach and after the Maddox broke the Nutcracker by having him eat a jelly bean, neither of them could enjoy their winnings. So the treats were left for the boys to enjoy with a game of cards after school.


*photography by Bonnie Rose Photography © 2007 – 2013 All Rights Reserved |

Favourite Travel Photo

For Travel Tuesday today I asked you to share with you a favourite travel photo for our first every Travel Tuesday prompt. We will do these prompts on first Tuesday of every month.  

This is a photo I took in the summer of 2012 when I returned ‘home’ to bella Napoli.  I had not been back to Italy since coming to see my friends graduate in the summer of 2001.  Napoli, Italy had been my home for 4-6 grade and 9-11 grade but this was my first time to every bring my husband ‘home’ with me.  It was a very special trip for both of us.  Between the two of us and our cameras and phones we must have taken thousand of photographs while we were there.  This photo is a pure favourite however because it is so iconic of my home.  The beautiful bay of Napoli, Mt. Vesuvius in the background, and the coastline dotted with so many colours of homes, green trees, and pretty boats in the marina.  This is definitely one photograph I would love to have blown up and put up in our family room. 


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