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Travel Tuesday Co-Hosts of 2014

My favourite thing of Travel blogging is meeting and working with travellers and expats from all over the globe. This year I had the amazing opportunity of working with several here on A Compass Rose blog for #TravelTuesday in 2014.  For our themed prompt this week of favourite travel for the year I wanted to share these lovely ladies again who have made my wanderlust list ever long.travelcohostselection

Starting of with Melanie of Melanie Fontaine blog and Tina of Girl Meets Globe.  I  had the great opportunity to meet these ladies in person at a bloggers tea in London and have loved following their blogs ever since.

After the two months ended I had Melanie and Tina nominate bloggers to follow in their footsteps and I was then accompanied by Sammy, Van, and Kaelene.

sammyTo the Days like This with Sammy

vanSnow in Tromso with Van

kaeleneUnlocking Kiki with Kaelene
This was my first time having three co-hosts and I really enjoyed seeing the varying places where they lived and the travels they shared.  When they finished the next three lovely ladies were joining Travel Tuesday.
Amy and the Great World (, Two Feet, One World is the travel blog of the adventures of Jessi (, and Things I am Crazy for with Camila (
Of course I now have three new bloggers on board for November through January, with one month left and you can follow them and our Travel Tuesday link up through their blog posts today too!

Now is your chance to meet and check out the blogs of the lovely new co-hosts for #TravelTuesday who are living in Spain,  Czech Republic, and South Korea. Courtney blogs at Adelante, Cynthia blogs at Adventurings, and Yalanda blogs at Laugh Anyway.  You can also see more of these lovely ladies by checking out the Girl Gone International account on Instagram in the last few week as each has been a featured GGI recently.  (@girlgoneinternational)


One last Travel Tuesday of 2014 left!


We have just one last Tuesday for #TravelTuesday and so here is the prompt for next week:

Share your favourite Travel memories of 2014


Look forward to seeing everyone’s posts and have a safe and wonderful Holiday!



My Mum’s Top Ten Travel List

traveltopten_mumToday for #TravelTuesday I asked my mum, who is currently staying with us, to come up wiht a a travel top ten list to share with you all.  This is what her top ten list looks like:


1. I like to meet people.
2. Trying new things to eat.
3. Laughing at family and friends who ask, “Why do you want to go there??”
4. Planning the trip months before I go. It’s half the fun. Getting ideas of where to go and what to do.
5. Browsing markets to see what people eat or what sorts of handcrafts they create.
6. Beautiful scenery that I’ve seen in photographs that I get to see for real.
7. I would rather travel than spend money on a flash car or jewelry. The car will get old. The jewelry could be lost or stolen. The travel memories stay with you.
8. Helping others plan travel. It’s neat when you can help.
9. Bringing home some fun travel trophies. Like embroidered pictures from Vietnam, tea from England, handmade jewelry from all over.
10. Meeting christians from other countries.

Pictured with my mum (on the left) in Snowdonia, Wales and at the Sonoita Vineyards in Arizona, USA.


Oceanside at the Jersey shore with my sons on our American holiday a couple of years ago.


In Belize in Central America.


With my sister, and fellow Third Culture Kid.


Enjoying life in a kayak.


With my mum back in 2004 in Thailand on Thailand’s Mother’s Day before we went to Cambodia together.


My mum at the Longhorn Grill in Amado, Arizona.


Q: Where do you want to go and why do you want to go? Let us know in the comments!



lookingadventure I am on the look for female travellers and/or expats who not only love looking for adventure by exploring the world but who also love to share their photos! If you feel this fits you please get in touch with me:

bonnie(at)bonnie-rose(dot)co(dot)uk   traveltuesdayspotlight-strasbourg Really love the city of Strasbourg and now heres a great list of three must dos while visiting this historic town.

Travel with Me


I would love to say I am traveling somewhere amazing this week.  However I tend to move to places that becomes the destination where friends and family want to come visit you so that they can also see the sights. Case in point the last three places my family has lived has been Brighton, England; Oahu, Hawaii; and Monterey, California.  While I may  not be packing my bags, a favourite person of mine is packing hers. Or at least I hope she is nearly packed for my mum is going to be here on Wednesday!  My boys have been counting down the days until Nonna arrives and Christmas celebrations can officially begin here in Bath, England.  While anticipating my mum’s arrival here is a photo from one of our trips together.  Pictured here with my mum and my father’s brother near Newark, NJ.  We had a fantastic time kayaking (one of my favourite hobbies) and catching up over lost time.




If you would like to come to Bath, why not read other bloggers posts who share about this beautiful town?  Including Amanda from Rhyme and Ribbons blog.