Monthly Archives: November 2005

Getting Ready for Daddy’s Surprise

Since I know Ryan doesn’t get any internet access at work and when hes home he only uses the computer for chinese or the occasional email, I know he NEVER checks the blog. So I can type whatever I want about his surprise.

I got this idea straight from Vicki so thank you VICKI!

Ryan wants to go out for dinner so I told him I made the plans (i’m sure he took that to mean reservations). I am supposed to pick him up on post at 1700 with civies so he can change. He thinks we are going somewhere downtown to celebrate turning 24. But he sooo wrong. Muhahahahahahahaha (attempt at evil laughter).

I guess I’ll have to blindfold him but we are coming straight back to the house. I am going to…..(swallows hard) throw away the wet broken down boxes myself (and hope no yucky bugs come out and eat me) and decorate it for tonight. We are talking christmas lights and music, and dinner and dancing. the works. first i need to find a table to borrow….

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today is Ryan’s birthday! We picked him up from work and came home for a little bit. I had made him a cake so the whole house smelled very yummy. We then went to the last swim class of this session. Ronan didn’t get to go down the slide because he is a little too young. He got a certificate for the end of the session. We came home and had birthday cake, it was very yummy!