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Lost in Translation: Accents


Today is our monthly themed prompt for Travel Tuesday, as it is the last Tuesday of the month, and my cohost Van chose ‘languages’.  I really did not know where to go with this one, not for not being a great prompt, but my mind was just racing in so many directions.  So many stories of not having the right words in other countries, of being lost in translation, and language mishaps.

I decided to share with you the irony of the fact that I live in a country that speaks English, as a dual citizen, and yet it makes me feel like English is not my first language.  I already had some British English words, phrases, and spellings engraved into my vocabualary from having lived here as a young girl.  I thought I might be picking up few new things here and there and letting my own American accent soften nicely back into my English accent from before.  Not quite the case. Continue reading

Museo Nazionale di San Martino in Naples, Italy


When we went back to Naples, a place where I lived twice in my childhood for a total of six years, I did more than relive memories.  Thanks to a friend I made during our time in Hawaii, who was then stationed in my hometown, I got to see a new side of Napoli.  Places I had not yet seen in a place that still retains the title of the ‘longest place I have ever lived’.  This museum is on top of a hill above the funicolare and overlooks the bay of Naples and the Castello Nuovo.  My favouite aspects were all the details, colours and history that encompassed every part of the museum.  I think the skulls outside were probably my favourite aspect as we viewed it in the bright sunny afternoon.  We took so many photographs and saw so much it became worth every second we spent.  I just found it amazing that even in places you call ‘home’, you can still play tourist and be mesmerised by such beauty. I will let the photographs now do the talking.  Continue reading