Monthly Archives: August 2005

At playgroup, a three year old boy came over to see Ronan. He got him to smile…which is the first time he has done that for another child.  Posted by Picasa

Well we made it out of the house today! Wahoo! First we met up with the other women for the morning walk at 0800. To my surprise, I was one of the few brisk walkers…meaning, we left the other mummies in our dust! It was a really good six miles with hills. If you have ever pushed a loaded stroller, you know this is a good workout! I feel so good right now, exercising really helps! This morning, I was so close to just staying inside. But as soon as I got my heart racing, happiness just overcame me. I got to know two other mummies (who go to playgroup) during the walk.

We got home at 0945 and I got Ronan a bottle of formula. He happily fed himself (like a big boy!) so I could change and get somethings into our stroller. Fifteen minutes later, we were headed to playgroup. I met a lot of other mummies, and one just had a baby on Friday. He was so tiny and so precious! I wish Ronan was that small….but I love the personality he has now! I got some good tips on feeding Ronan. I am going to get a special spoon so that he can try feeding himself. I really think he is going to be independent. I can tell that he likes to do things for himself already. But he also wants to be the star of the show! There was an eight month old girl there. She can say “dadda”, crawl, and pull herself up. I was so amazed…and then a little sad. Ronan can’t do anything like that yet. I don’t know if in a month he’ll be strong enough to pull himself up, though he may be saying a first word soon. Last night when I put him to bed, he started doing that “babababa” thing again with his mouth, and it almost sounded like he was trying to say “mum mum mum ma”. They had a huge bee/wasp problem at the park, so that was really annoying. I wish we had an umbrella you can stick into the ground, so Ronan can have shade while on his blankie. I lost his sunhat and cannot find one at the stores. It was so hot and sunny today, I hope he didn’t get sunburned too bad!

Well Ronan watched his movie and now is trying to go to sleep. His crying, or fussing, is settling down, so he should be out in a few minutes. I need to get some lunch before M.A.S.H. comes on for the next two hours. We desperately need some groceries, but I was trying to wait until payday tommrow. Maybe I can go tonight after the 4077 retires for the day. I cannot believe it is already Wednesday. Over*There comes on tonight, friday is walking, then it will be the weekend. I am so excited to go to our new church home on Sunday. I have let Ronan down, by not concentrating on my spiritual life since moving in. Since we went to church last week, everything has been so much better. (Just like the walk I had today!) The church is exactly what Ryan and I have been looking for. Isn’t it awesome how God knows what you NEED and takes care of you? There are so many loving people there and the other young military couple. God is good!

Its Bubble Time….

I love putting my son down for a nap. For the most part he goes to sleep really easy. Then I can finally get something to eat and actually try to do something around the house. Its a good day when Ryan can come home from a stressful day of work and notice that I’ve done something that day. Ronan had several bottles of formula today. Tonight he smelled of soy or whatever they use to make the stuff. I found a way to manuver his bath seat in the tub so that he can sit comfortably in there. We added bubbles and he had a grand ol’ time in the tub. I spiked his hair up after he got out and tried to give him some “body” with the blowdryer afterwords. He looked so cute! Sometimes when I hold him I just don’t want to let him go….so soft, warm, and cuddly. Other times its like, Mum….where are you?