Monthly Archives: October 2008

Smiles and Good Food!

A happy Ronan!
Which brother looks most like a Nystrom?
Daddy forgot his hat…Maddox found it!
A cafe latte made with almond milk.
Avocado and Tomato sandwich on homemade whole wheat bread with vegan cheese and lettuce.
Homemade whole wheat bread with organic peanut butter and bananas.

Pizza Night!

Pizza Pizza! Ronan loves his Pizza!
Maddox enjoying his whole wheat pizza (homemade) with mushrooms, onions, and tofurky italian sausages. (vegan)
Smiley Ronan with a full belly.
Since the boys were so good, they split a soy banana pudding cup with these vegan chocolate bear cookies (no bear were hurt in he making of this product).

This was actually taken the night before. Though who knows, maybe I took this early this morning. I really dont know what time it was, but I checked in on the boys before heading to bed. Ronan was on Maddox’s mattress and both of them were sleeping together width wise across it. It was so cute with the both topless with their car pajama bottoms. Anyways, the flash made them slightly wake up and lit up the darkness. I think Ronan has watched too many episodes of Jon & Kate plus 8, seeing those kids sleeping on mattresses together.

Pajama Time

With cars pajama bottoms on and bears in their hands, giggles were quite abundant.
A beary special moment for brothers.
Ronan got underneath his covers.
Maddox wasnt too thrilled. 3 times after this was taken Ryan had to go back in to tell them both to get back in bed. The fourth time I went in to find both boys on Maddox’s bed and kicking the wall. The promptly went to sleep finally after the last warning.