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Meet Diana & Travel Theme Revealed

Welcome back to another Travel Tuesday. I am pleased to announce that we have Diana joining us this week. Before I let her introduce herself I do want to share the theme for next week’s Travel Tuesday. For anyone new to this we choose a theme once a month to share our posts on and you can too! You do not have to share only on the theme but feel free to jump in on the fun. So for next week our theme is:

Sporty Adventure

It can be about anything travel or expat related and take the prompt as you will. Now lets meet Diana!

Hello! I’m Diana, a Mexican expat living in Germany. I’ve been here for the past three years and created Diana Elle Blog (previously known as Life in German) where I blog about our adventures and life abroad.


Living here has been full of new experiences, the two main ones being learning a new language and learning my way around a kitchen. Even though sometimes I don’t enjoy cooking, I love trying new recipes and finding a new family favorite. I try to share some of my culinary experiences on the blog every now and then.


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Hello from the Other Side


Hello it’s me. I have been hiding behind the best intentions to make my blogspace a place it had been once before. In eleven years of it’s existance now it has seen different levels of activity. I loved the year I blogged every day and had time to tweet and comment and read blog posts of my blogger friends. It was wonderful being a part of such a diverse community and where the expression ‘it is a small world’ rang true.

I write these words to say hello.
To say that I miss you
Even though I have been more silent
I have been reading your posts
Your comments
Hearing your voice.

Thank you for keeping Travel Tuesday going
For being here.
For coming back.


Even in the town you live in, how easily you can lose track of people that were in your life. People can come and go just as quickly as we can come and go from place to place.  I just had a conversation with someone recently whom I had done a project with months after moving to Bath. They asked about the job I had been at two jobs previously. Despite being fcebook friends we had not really kept in touch that well and we both live in the same city.

It was then I realised I would have a facebook friends clearout. When I started I had over 900 friends.  A good half of them are people I went to school with across nine diferent schools. There are the family friends, church friends, camp friends, military friends, and other people in a misc group of people I have met along the way. The actual friends I have made in various countries and states across the US. The online friends I keep in contact with. Co workers from past jobs or creatives I have worked with as a hairdresser, makeup artist, and/or photographer.  There are times it is someones birthday in facebook and I have to click their profile and do sleuthing to who they are.

It can be overwhelming when you want to invite local people to an event, and see all the people who live to far away, especially when you wish most they could be there. Or when you really need to call a friend up for coffee but realise the friends in facebook, on top of distance, havent really been in the loop if everything going on in your life recently. Facebook while vital to keep in contact in the modern age (and to log into other apps) can make it a lonely place.


I have been clearing out facebook of aquaintances and friends that may have little connection with anymore. If I think we could have a convo and have everything come back like no time has passed, if we have been through something together, if we communicate through social media, etc than Ive kept them. I am not the same person I was 15 years ago and many friends I realise we would have nothing in common. I honestly feel this is going to help my heart and soul. Already people I want to see on my newsfeed are popping up more.

Ive taken breaks from social media before. It always feels good to disconnect. So why not clear out the social mindfield that bombards you everytime you pick up your phone.

Especially if you feel you cant be yourself because you dont know wbo does see your posts.

Have you ever felt the need to do this?

I end this by saying if I did delete you and you do feel it is a loss, message me and lets rebuild the friendship.

Meet Christy

Happy Travel Tuesday! Today I am proud to announce we have another cohost to join us, her name is Kristy. Make sure to pop over and say hello! As always our link up will be below. Cheers!

Christy Swagerty, “Swags,” is an American expat volleyball player and travel blogger who has lived in Belgium, France, and is currently in Germany. Swags and her basketball coach husband, Marc, love living abroad, learning languages, trying new foods, and taking advantage of the unique opportunity to explore Europe and the world through sports.



Twitter: @whatupswags

Instagram: @whatupswags

Google+: Christy Swagerty

eBook: Four Years in Paris (2015)

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Stanfords: World’s Largest Travel Book Shop

This weekend before last I was up in London with my family for a weekend getaway. While out exploring my husband stumbled on the world’s largest travel book shop. The store has been open since 1853 and contains three large levels of…well travel books. There are also maps, novels, journals, gifts, and even a travel section for children. I must admit I was on sensory overload. I love travel. I love books. I love to buy books. I did however leave without purchasing a single thing because it was just enough that my eyeballs were able to scan every section. If ever I need a travel book or travel accessory, I know exactly where to head. There is something to be said for long standing book stores over shopping online. Stanfords is a place not to miss in London and my sons enjoyed their in-store cafe.


Link up with us for Travel Tuesday!

*** I am needing one more person to co-host. If you have the time to spare and love to use social media, contact me at bonnie(at)bonnie-rose(dot)co(dot)uk with COHOST in the subject line.


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Returning for the Food

Have you ever returned somewhere for the food? When I travel, having the food at the location is a big highlight of the trip. There are some places where I have not had the food again, but I am still talking about a decade later. Like the Austrian dessert, Germknodel. I must have been sixteen when I had it last and I’m still dreaming of it and the sweet memories tied to it in the Austrian Alps. So we do the next best thing and go to Austrian establishments and return after having a great time. One such place, for this example, is the Tiroler Hut in London.


We went this weekend and you can read and see the photos from our first time there by clicking the photo above.

Share your food and travel experiences with us here!

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