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Merry Christmas

Had a really great first Christmas in England with my partner and boys. Ryan and I did not get a whole lot of sleep, but the smiles on the boys’ faces were so worth it!  We dressed up and took a lot of photos.  Thank you Bob Aherin & Sue Aherin for all the goodies and presents you sent. Best part was surprising our kids with the Indiana Jones themed room complete with a new loft bed. The boys spent the day playing with all of their new toys and gifts.  They really enjoyed their new Arsenal football outfits and football fuzzy robes.  Plus what is better than spending the day in our pajamas! Ryan made a really wonderful Christmas dinner and we had a blast with the Christmas crackers.  Ready now to make up on the sleep we missed last night. Buon Natale to all my friends xx

Before breakfast the boys got to open up their morning gifts of water bottles and pajamas.   
The boys with their ‘Christmas pajamas’ of Arsenal football outfits!
The boys opening their stockings. 
Train tracks and a train whistle! 
Thanks to my mother-in-laws who makes sure the  ‘mum’ gets goodies on Christmas. 
Thank you Sue for all the Betsey Johnson jewelry, bag, and other presents! 
Batman and Indiana Jones makes for two very happy boys! 
Doctor Who invades the household! 
Ronan’s favourite gift was all the Doctors!
Symbolic present for a new riding helmet from Ryan for riding lessons! 
Passing out gifts to the boys.  
Maddox in his gold crown. 

The boys with their Christmas dinner. 
Ham. So good. 
What I got in my Christmas cracker.  I got ‘In Love’. 

Christmas Pudding. 
The Boys’ new Indiana Jones curtains and new Toy chest. 
The Indiana Jones themed club house under the loft bed.  
Complete with a drawbridge with ‘very strong wood’!  
Indiana Jones themed room!

Christmas Eve!

 I had to work today so when I got home there seemed to be a lot to do in order to get ready.  The boys wrote their letters to Father Christmas, made christmas crafts, baked christmas cookies, and read christmas stories together.  We put the boys to bed in our room, because ‘Mr & Mrs Claus’ had a lot to do tonight! 7 hours until my boys will be up to see what Father Christmas left them. That means 7 hours to put together an IKEA loft bed, IKEA play kitchen items, make the Indiana Jones club house, find the two missing presents, wrap everything, fill the stockings, and to eat the cookies, the carrot, and drink the milk!

Mistletoe for sale near my work

The boys write their Christmas letters to Father  Christmas

Mimi sent the boys lots of packages of Christmas crafts! 
Making Christmas crafts!
Making Christmas crafts!
Making snowman ornaments! 
Christmas crafts complete!
Making cookies for Santa!
Christmas stories with my boys. 
Time to eat the cookies and drink the milk! 

Wrapping presents and placing them under the tree. 
Setting up the loft bed in the boys’ room.  
All ready for Christmas morning! 

Happy Hanukkah!

We got our new furniture items from IKEA and I was more than excited to finally get our new bed put together.  Sleeping on the floor has been fun, but having a bed so much more fun. I will admit it took me longer than it should have because I did not follow the IKEA directions quite easily.  I finished and draped my scarves from Cambodia over the top to complete the look. 

Tonight the boys and I got together to make holiday cookies.  They were not normal chocolate chip cookies, but filled with Nutella and covered with white chocolate stars. They were very delicious!  They also got to work on their nightly holiday craft.  Tonight is also the first night of Hanukkah.  We put together our DIY mennorah and Ronan had the pleasure of lighting the first candle.  
Our new bed put together!
Nutella inside
The boys making cookies. 
Ryan and the boys with their christmas crafts and cookies. 
Nutella filled biscuits!
Ronan lighting the first candle.

Chanel 527 Nouvelle Vague and silver glitter for Chrismukkah spirit!
Happy Hanukkah!