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Buying Glasses Online


I have been wearing prescription glasses since I became a teenager (at least now I am out of braces). You would think in twenty three years I would know better than to rely on just one pair of glasses.  A few years back I had three pairs I would cycle through.  However life happens and they break or get lost.

“…and then there was one.” My last pair snapped in half with no easy fix of tape or superglue to keep the two halves together in harmony. I was forced to wear an older pair that only had one temple (the arms on the sides of the frame that extend over the ears to keep the glasses on your face) left.  It felt like wearing a monocle and they would fall off so very easily.

My eldest modeling my frames for me while I was not feeling very well.

               My eldest modeling my frames for me while I was not feeling very well.

That is when I decided it was time to get my glasses online.  I had gotten my new prescription in my local eyeglasses shop but had not been happy with any of their selections.  If you are going to be dependent on wearing something every day it has to be something you fall in love with too. Not to mention (though I will) the anxiety of choosing glasses quickly with a sales assistant hovering over you while you decide.


The best part of choosing my  prescription glasses online at was I could not only take my time to browse their selections for the exact type of glasses I know I already love, but they would mail them to me.  It was so easy to send them my new prescription and that ensures they will not only help you see but fit well.

The hardest part may be selecting just one pair of  glasses frames. You can get glasses frames without a prescription or get sunglasses as well.  With the gift I have for you below you may choose to get more than one.  Then you will not have to be like me, the blonde who was relying on one pair and then they broke to the point of being wearable no longer.


With the holidays fast approaching I have a special gift to give to you.  By using this coupon code: GSHOT50 you can have 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded) from online.

Feel free to check them out on facebook to see more photos of the glasses they have to offer! If you get a pair let me know or tag my social media handle, I would love to see!