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Field Trip Pt. I: Cuckfield Museum

Today was a field trip for Maddox with his class from school. Since this was his first field trip for me to attend with him, it was quite a special trip.  We were a little early arriving to school, so we played a game of chutes and ladders while waiting for his classmates to arrive.  We took the mini bus to Cuckfield (pronounced ‘cook-field’) and went to the Cuckfield Museum.  The boys were very eager to see the actual dinosaur bones and fossils found right here in this area of England.  Afterwards they got to see the collection of historical items which include a lot of vintage toys.  The boys had been learning about toys from various parts of the world in class.  They got to take a turn playing with some of the old fashion toys.  We did a walk through where the boys got to learn information about different pieces in the museum and what they were once used for many years ago.  
Maddox reading a Biff & Chip book before leaving on the field trip.
Maddox beating me at Snakes & Ladders before class begun.
An old riding bridle and chest.
Fossils and Bones.
A bell that run the bell at the church. 
An old vintage Noah’s Ark toy set
A finding from Cuckfield
A key that was for the chapel that I thought looked very cool.
A vintage board game, much like monopoly
A vintage bear, sheep, and doll dated 100 years old. 
A dinosaur collection of findings from Cuckfield.
Maddox having a go at an old European lawn game of Skittles.
Bed warmer for the fireplace. 
The Dinosaur collection at the Museum.
The boys with the curator of the Museum. 
Vintage shoes and clothes.
Maddox learning how to play a game. 
Doing the tour of the Museum. 
Checking out a dinosaur egg shell under the glass.
An old clock face. 
The boys looking at the old toys.
Magnifying glass.
Lawn game of Skittles

Church & Park

The weather is certainly getting much warmer and I am kinda hoping it will stay that way through to the summer.  We did not make it to church at all last month because of the weather with walking and no car.  The boys were so excited to be back in bible class.  So much so that Ronan wanted to take his brother to his class. I still escorted them to their right places to make sure they got where they were supposed to go.  The singing was incredible again this morning and something I definitely missed. Just wish that Ryan did not have to work on Sunday mornings so I had someone to sit with in service.  Afterwards the boys and I got some fresh bread and yogurt from the store for a morning snack and headed to the park in town for them to play.  The love going to this park and with the sun out and the rain and mud kept at bay, we were able to stay quite a while. Here are some of the photographs taken this morning and I have to say I really do not miss taking horrid shots on my old iPhone.

Stained glass windows, stone arches, and the high ceiling beams at church. <3  
Maddox doing his craft project in bible class. 
Love the historical buildings in Lindfield. 
Wild flowers blooming through the greens. 
EST. 1796
Ronan climbing at the park.  
The boys playing together at the park. 

Maddox on the seesaw.  
Ronan on the seesaw.  

Viking Day

Ryan took the boys to school on a Saturday for the Open House event all about VIKING!  The boys were both very excited about this event.  They got to make their own shields, eat yummy food, make Viking crafts, watch and cheer on authentic Viking fights, and most importantly: dress up and learn how to fight like a Viking! 

Maddox the Viking
Ronan the Viking

The Vikings learning how to fight with swords.

Maddox making his Viking shield

The Vikings are coming!

The boys are having a Viking day at school on Saturday for an open house day. They are both really looking forward to it.  In preparation for this occasion, Ronan made a really cool viking ship in class.  He was so proud to show me his creation.  He is definitely more the artist when it comes to talents and he loves to create art.  I think we will have to do some more fun with clay. Today was also the boys’ last day at school with one of their classmates.  After school they played for a few minutes and got in some last minute hugs.

Ronan made a viking ship at school.
Cobra! Thats serious. Indiana hates snakes. 
The boys playing tag after school was let out. 
Last day of school for one of their friends so we took a group shot.
Boys were doing their Indiana Jones  poses.

New Phone

I love Apples.  They are juicy, sweet, and tart.  I also love my macbook pro, my ipod, and my iPhone.  But I had an iPhone 3Gs and I did not like the camera on the phone.  To add to that it has been slowly dying on me.  It had cracked screen for about six months before I got the screen replaced and the off button that had fallen out made it impossible to turn off or on.  So when my iPhone decided that it would not connect to my sim card anymore, I knew it was time to say ‘rest in peace’.  I really wanted to get an iPhone 4 and I knew that the iPhone 5 would be coming out sometime in the future.  Unfortunately time and money are not on my side.  So i was swayed to the dark side and instead of getting an iPhone 4s, I went with a droid by Samsung.  Right away I had to start customizing it and downloading my favourite apps.  To which I have to say a lot of things seem to be ‘free’ compared to the iPhone.  There are a few iPhone only apps that I really miss, but I think with time I will be able to grow past that.  I do however love that my new phone has an amazing battery life.   I love the large clear and bright screen. Well it may be a bit too bright.  I honestly have it on the lowest light setting it can go and unless I am outside in the sunlight it is easily to be seen. The email functions I have to say are my favourite and apparently this borrowed over from the Blackberry system.  The camera. Yes. It is amazing. It has the front facing camera for Skype chats and a flash which my iPhone did not.  I do have to say I am having to get used to taking photos with it.  With all that said its still a new phone and I’m still trying to get used to it. Who knows…I may go back to an iPhone some day and I’m definitely not leaving my macbook pro anytime soon! 

Pancake Day!

Today is the official Pancake Day! I did not know about this holiday until this week when I was in Sainsbury’s and saw a ‘Pancake Day’ display with all like items available for purchase.  With Ryan and I both having the day free, I met him in Brighton for lunch.  Technially this was my breakfast, but we had yummy crepe like pancakes.  Later on we met up with his university friend, Krista, and her boyfriend, Nick, for two rounds of Laser tag!  This was my first time playing and I was not the best player but it was so much fun! I really want to take the boys to go play.  For dinner we had pancakes again so that the boys could take part of this silly holiday.  Ryan made homemade pancakes with zucchini and I put nutella and fresh strawberries on mine. It was very declicious!

For breakfast we had two thin pancakes (almost crepe like) at a cafe in Brighton with lemon and sugar.  
Forza Napoli!
Laser Tag date with my partner.
Zucchini pancakes with nutella and strawberries for dinner.