Monthly Archives: April 2005

A: Activity. Depending on the time of day, Ronan participates in different activities. Maybe we’ll sing or read together. Sometimes he plays with his grandparents. He has a fun oceans mat and a bouncer chair that he likes to play in. Of course he also just likes to stretch and move about on a blankie. Then there are the few intances where we get to go out of the house too. At night time he gets his bath which is a fun activity for Ronan. Posted by Hello

S: Sleep time. After using up all his energy with activites, it is time to rest his eyes. Usually he goes down for a nap pretty easily. Sometimes he has to cry for a little bit, but it doesnt take long for him to stop fighting the urge to stay awake. I’ll walk out of the room and when I come back he is sleeping. Posted by Hello