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An American conversing in England

lostintranslation_mericaengland I begin this post by saying I love living in England, so take what I say lightheartedly. I still enjoy my seventy minute walk from home to work, fawning over the beautiful Bath architecture and picturesque countryside. I just remember what it was like being stateside and wish I was here and now…here I am.  It is a beautiful thing to be content and happy in life.

I remember the problems of being a ‘hidden foreigner’ in America when it came to conversations with those who had never left the US of A.  I have left those behind me and after three years in England realise I still run into a problem with the American part of me here in England. I overshare. It is not so much that I overshare in a bad way, but that I love to talk and can open up to almost anyone quite easily.  It is a quality of being a Third Culture Kid (TCK) that you can find something to relate to anyone you meet and do not feel shy to start talking to someone you do not know.  I am constantly trying to reign myself in and give people the ‘cliff notes’ version in conversations. The trouble I find is that when I feel most comfortable and let my guard down, that I share and talk the most without realising it. Continue reading

Global Citizens


There are so many terms and labels floating around out there define different categories of people who are living abroad.  As an expat, a former military kid and wife, and a third culture kid, I understand the need to be defined in today’s world.  So when citizenM hotels contacted me about a project on defining ‘what it means to be a ‘mobile citizen’ in today’s society, I was eager to weigh in on the subject.  More and more people are leaving home, branching out of their social networks, and becoming what could clearly be defined as mobile citizens.  What does that mean for you and could you be a mobile citizen?  Continue reading

Expat Life for a Third Culture Kid


“A Third Culture Kid (TCK) is a person who has spent a significant part of his or her developmental years outside the parents’ culture. The TCK frequently builds relationships to all of the cultures, while not having full ownership in any.  Although elements from each culture may be assimilated into the TCK’s life experience, the sense of belonging is in relationship to others of similar background.” 

– David C. Pollock

My So-called Ex-pat Life

In just two months we will be celebrating our three year anniversary as an expat family in England.  It seems not so long ago that we were in the US of A, wishing we could be living overseas.  Continue reading

Throwback #4: Stonehenge


Time for our next Travel Throwback and today I share with you a photograph taken about thirty miles from where I live now, almost thirty years ago.  How wonderful to see that in all the mobility and travels in the last thirty one years I can return to the same areas from my past.  For a third culture kid like myself, that is as closest to having a ‘home’ as I can find.  I look forward to going back to Stonehenge soon to see it with my husband and sons this time.  Tis a shame you cannot get as close to it as you once could but will be awesome to see such an amazing historical structure outside of our current home in Bath, England.

Continue reading