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Best of Travel Tuesday

As Travel Tuesday comes to an end, Diana from Diana Elle Blog has gathered up the Past Prompts + Co-Hosts from over the years, creating a shortcut for anybody looking for blogging inspiration.



Co-Host: Belinda

October 2013: Favorite Travel Photo Travel Partner/Favorite Photograph from a recent trip

November 2013: Relationships.

December 2013: Destinations during the holidays.

January 2014: A random one?

Co-Hosts: Melanie & Tina

February 2014: Share your Travel Tips.

March 2014: best, worst, and/or strangest food you’ve encountered while traveling

April 2014: Three Places 1)Loved the most 2)Want to visit 3)Current City

Co-Host: Kaelene, Sammy, & Van

May 2014: All about languages

June 2014: What’s your travel style?

July 2014: Travel Bucket List

In August 2014 we got three new co-hosts: Amy, Jessi, and Camila

Sept 2nd, 2014: Unexpected Destination

September 2014: Interesting or weird layover experiences

October 2014: City or country?

Co-Hosts: Courtney, Cynthia, and Yalanda

November 2014: Best and Worst Cuisines

December 2014: Favorite travel memories of the year

January 2015: Travel Misadventures

In February we got three new co-hosts: Amanda, Caity, Marcella, and Michelle.

March 2015: Local legends | The urban myths and stories you have come upon while traveling, in your expat, life, or ones from your hometown.

April 2015: Where I come from and why I left

May 2015: Festivals and celebrations while traveling

June 2015, two new co-hosts: Christine and Sara

July 2015: Favorite travel partner and trip

August 2015: What is your worst / most embarrassing / biggest travel fail / travel experience?

Co-Hosts: Courtney & Lauren

September 2015: Where will you go?

October 2015: What’s a hidden gem that you have stumbled upon while exploring a new place?

November 2015: Travel and Packing

Co-host: Anna

January 2016:Most Memorable food experience

Co-Hosts: Anna, Christy

February 2016: A Sporty Adventure

Co-Hosts: Anna, Christy, Diana

March 2016: Movies and Travel

Co-Hosts: Christy, Diana, Rachel

April 2016: Hidden Treasures

Co-Hosts: Diana, Rachel, Katrina

May 2016, That’s this week! Share your favorite Travel Tuesday memories for the #BestOfTravelTuesday. We are hoping this link up is also a “greatest hits” collection, so we’re giving you the option to include additional favorite Travel Tuesday related posts.


A Compass Rose and a New Course


A couple of years ago I took my blog with a new name and set sail for a year of blogging every day while I was able to work from home and take care of my family after moving to the city of Bath, England. It was an amazing time to make use of my corner of the internet while exploring our new place that we would soon call home. Since then it has seen its peaks and valleys of activity through our day to day in my so-called expat life. I have had my blog since right before my eldest son was born and I have enjoyed being able to share our life with those of you whom, by whatever means, stumble upon this page. A Compass Rose blog is now eleven years old and I am ready to take it on a new course yet again.


A Compass Rose and a New Course
I recently share a blog post that I had written back in 2013 when taking part in #Blogtember with a group of other travel, expat, and lifestyle bloggers. It was about mental health week and my own experiences with Overcoming Klonopin. I was really intrigued by the selection and number of people from my facebook friends who not only took time to click through and read the post, but comment on the thread. It has made me think about where I would like to direct my focus in this new passage. I want to share more with the intent to help, to inspire, and to make people smile. I believe in the past my blog has tried to find its way, strugggling to fit into the blogosphere, while remaining relevent to my current interests.


I have started brain storming ideas and focus points for this new chapter and I am hoping within the next week to be able to fully push through with this new chapter. It is looking to focus on both my current professional life, my creative side outside of work, and sharing to help others. I know for me the worst part of life is when you are in the depths of a moment and feel that despite the number of online friends available, the the ones you know in real life, you have no one to talk too. I will be here. I can always listen, if you need someone. I am here.