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City Vs. Country

Today’s prompt is City vs Country – do you prefer a city break when you travel, or to get out amongst nature? Or combine the two Share your stories of your best city trips, outdoor adventures, or what you love most about either type of trip.  The link up this week will be extended for two weeks instead of one, so you have plenty of time to join the link up and check out everyone’s posts!
For me I really think it depends. I could not completely right off city because I love traveling to cities all around the world. However I do greatly love and appreciate the beauty that is country even in the ‘backyard’ of where we live presently in Bath, England.  When people here find out I have an American accent, they always ask where I am from in the US.  Since Hawaii is the longest place I have lived anywhere in the US, I tend to go with my island answer. To be responded with ‘What? Why would you move from Hawaii to England???’  While I love Hawaii and cannot wait to go back, there are equally many reasons why I love life here.  One is getting to witness and experience the seasons.  Autumn is upon us and what better way to see it than out in the country.  I work in the city of Bath which can get quite busy with tourists and the day to day.  It is why I crave being outside in the country.  Especially this time of year. The leaves are amazing, the mornings are getting colder, and the countryside is juat as picturesque.  I just love putting on my music and taking long walks and remembering every moment how blessed I feel to be here.  Enjoy your moments and let me know in the comments what you love most about where you live at the moment. Is it the city or the country? Or both?
A big thank you to my cohosts this week as our time comes to a close. Next week I will be highlighting them on the blog and introducing you to their choices for the next Travel Tuesday cohosts!  Thank you CamilaJessi, and Amy!  Check out their final Travel Tuesday posts and share the love!

My Layover in Zurich, Switzerland



This week our Travel Themed prompt for the month is ‘Interesting/Weird Layovers’ and I look forward to hearing what you accomplished in the few (or many) hours between flights. As always do not feel you cannot linkup next week if you do not participate. Any travel or expat related posts are always welcome!
When the word ‘layover’ comes to mind, Zurich quickly follows it.  I was eighteen years old and I had just been back in Naples, Italy visiting friends and my church family for my senior trip, post graduation, before starting University that Autumn.  My flight from Rome to Zurich had been quite tight, and so much so that I missed my connecting flight out of Switzerland.  I remember feeling quite nervous, even as a well seasoned traveler at that age.  This had been my first overseas trip flying solo and now what was I supposed to do?
After talking with the airline staff I was notified they would get me a shuttle to a hotel, where a room and food would be paid for and I could catch the next flight out in the morning.  My room was amazing and I called my parents first thing to let them know about the delay. My mum recommended I go out and explore and so that is just what I did.  I went out and saw the town, found a place to eat, and even caught a film (saw Traffic).  It helped that Switzerland is one of my favourite places in Europe and it was nice to have an extended part to my senior trip.  What could have been a horrible experience of a layover stuck in an airport, ended up being a lush added day to my vacation.  I will always remember it fondly.
Q: Have you had any interesting layovers? Where did you get stuck?
This last week I really enjoyed Corinne’s post about Qatar.  I have never been there, but my father had been there a few times with the US Air Force.  I have since then met a few people whom have been there whether with the military, their civilian job, or as a trip.  Since my father is no longer with us, I would love to go places he has been to that I have yet to see with my own eyes. So thank you so much girl for sharing this post with us this week! Really enjoyed seeing your photographs.




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