Monthly Archives: May 2005

Grandpa took Ronan outside for some pictures….look at those chubby legs! But don’t be fooled, they are really strong little legs! You hold them and it feels like its all muscle! Posted by Hello

Tonight Ronan made us laugh really hard! What happened was I started laughing at something cute Ronan was doing. He looked at me and laughed back. So I laughed again and Ronan did too. So I laughed even harder, and he came out with this full stomach belly giggle! I had never heard him giggle like that before! So I kept on laughing and he kept on giggling really hard until he got the hiccups. It was so funny! I will remember this moment always! Goodnight little one! Goodnight Ryan…we miss you so much! We are praying for you daily and are so proud of you and your decision to join the Air Force! You are our hero!

Lots of ‘Sleeping’ Animals!

We wanted to take Ronan to the desert animal museum so he could see a bobcat and other desert wildlife. But apparently we didn’t drive far enough and went to the place where all the animals are already dead. But at least it was air conditioned. Oh wait…they had three live animals! There was a large centipede of some sort, a large turantula, and a large scorpian….wahooo! (yes the redeeming factor of this photo is Ronan…he always looks so cute!) Posted by Hello