Monthly Archives: October 2008

Good Boys get Rewarded.

The boys had been so good, so they got to play MarioKart on the Wii.
He looks troubled. Well…the bbq tofu with brown rice and yams, was quite spicy. But despite the fact that his face got pink and his eyes watered, he just kept eating it.
Ryan displaying his nightly handiwork in the kitchen. Vegan dinner. His bbq tofu had been a huge hit with ‘i only eat meat’ eaters in his class during that days potluck.
Your face is dirty Maddox.
Since both boys finished their food and were good all day, Daddy made them smoothies for desert. Silly straws made it perfect…though a bit hard to suck up the drink.
A perfect end to a great day.

Do you know the Muffin Man?

Peanut Butter muffins with raisins…vegan baby!
A game that Ronan loves to play where he can paint. Sadly after he took off the keys from Ryan’s laptop, hes been banned from computers.
Daddy and Ronan playing together.
Ronan finds pure joy in cooking.
How many muffins will we make?
Since we made bread twice, Ronan has gotten into cooking with me. He asked to make muffins, and so we did.

Maddox the Mouseketeer

Eating his healthy lunch of a vegan cheese sandwich, carrots, broccoli, gorbanzo beans, grapes, and cucumber.
Another picture in the hat he wears all the time, this one is black. I might add when he sees a disney comercial for Disneyland/world he gets very very excited.

First loaf of whole wheat vegan bread. Ronan helped me make it and we all agreed it was ‘mmm mmm yummy!’