Monthly Archives: April 2005

Zoo Day – Time to see the animals!

Grandpa Chuck decided it was time to get out of the house. So he took a vacation day and took us to the zoo. It has been over a month since Ronan was here last time. We didn’t have the Jeep stroller today, so I put him in his baby carrier and we walked around together. This time instead of sleeping in the stroller, he got to be awake and look, smell, and hear all the animals! Posted by Hello

We saw a lot of animals like Rinos, Elephants, and Giraffs. But I think Ronan’s favourite was the Polar Bears! There were two out today. One of them was swimming all over the place and even playing with his toys in the water. He put on a good show for all the children there. I liked watching the two polar bears kiss…it was too cute! Posted by Hello

Back home, after a nice nap on the car ride home, Ronan had some lunch. Then it was time to play! He kicked and grabbed the toys on his ocean wonders mat. Posted by Hello

Here he is trying to turn over on his tummy. He would get from his back to right on his side. He looked like if he leaned any further he would fall right on his frontside. But he didn’t make it to his belly today. He’ll figure out soon that he needs to get his leg over to the other side to help him flip over. Keep working at it RoRo! You’ll get it! Posted by Hello

Another Beautiful Day!

I was holding Ronan in my lap as I looked something up online. He was a little fussy so I put on a Jeremy Camp cd. Later I notice I am hearing snoring. I look down and Ronan is fast asleep in my arms with his head on his chest. He looked so cute. I put him in his pack and play for a nap and tucked him in underneath his soft blankie. Awww…. Posted by Hello

Ronan in his carseat with his football as we wait for dinner. He likes rattles now because he likes sounds. It is also a teething ring…and though he doen’t need it to chew on yet, he will play with it. I started putting it in his mouth as if he was a doorknocker, taking it out and putting it in again. He thought this was stinkin’ hilarious and kept opening his mouth (as in a smile) for me to stick it back in his mouth. lol. Posted by Hello