My traumatic Episode

Ronan was a little angel on our flight to Vegas and our flight back home. He was wearing his pjs and ready to go to bed. Zoe met us at the airport and we got our bags. As I was putting them in the trunk of the car, I didn’t realize how close Zoe and Ronan were. When I closed it, Ronan started crying. I could tell by the way he was crying that he was hurt. I checked his fingers but didn’t see anything wrong. Then I saw his pinky toe and that it was bleeding. Zoe rushed us to the ER as Ronan and I cried together. He got xrays taken and it showed there was no damage to the bone. Though he did get his toe pinched really good. A nurse cleaned it up for us and we went home. It was 3 am by the time we walked into the house with all our bags. I think the main thing was that Ronan and I were both scared. Not having Ryan here to help comfort us, was hard. We cannot wait to get out to Monterey. I could leave in a day’s notice if needed. Ryan we love you and miss you so much!