Its Bubble Time….

I love putting my son down for a nap. For the most part he goes to sleep really easy. Then I can finally get something to eat and actually try to do something around the house. Its a good day when Ryan can come home from a stressful day of work and notice that I’ve done something that day. Ronan had several bottles of formula today. Tonight he smelled of soy or whatever they use to make the stuff. I found a way to manuver his bath seat in the tub so that he can sit comfortably in there. We added bubbles and he had a grand ol’ time in the tub. I spiked his hair up after he got out and tried to give him some “body” with the blowdryer afterwords. He looked so cute! Sometimes when I hold him I just don’t want to let him go….so soft, warm, and cuddly. Other times its like, Mum….where are you?