Maddox in Reception

The school system is quite different in England, than how it is in the US. For instance most of the schools require a school uniform, and some even have ‘houses’ as depicted in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. My oldest son is in Year Two, and that is the US equivalent of First Grade. While my boys are now in Primary school, they go to secondary school at age 11, off to College at the age of 16, and University at the age of 18. Ronan and Maddox are only 6 and 4 respectfully, and I am already anxious about how they will do on their A Levels and GCSEs. Thankfully we do have plenty of time to prepare for that stage of their education. I am enjoying every day that I get to take them to school and see them excited about being in class with their friends. This morning I snuck in for a little bit to take photos of some of the work Maddox has been doing in Reception. I find it hard to walk out and head back home, but he is always focused on learning as soon as he walks in to class. I hope that excitement about learning will stay with both my boys for years to come.

Caterpillar by Maddox

Crocodile by Maddox