Nativity Scene

We received yet another package from Mimi and Papa in Illinois which contained even more craft supplies for Christmas.  The boys are still wanting to do something every night from what we have so far, but my partner and I have been trying our best to pace the boys.  Tonight we were going through the supplies for the Nativity costumes and so it felt fitting to make our nativity scene.  We did not have any directions to follow, so the boys used the finished photo of the craft to figure out how to put it together.  They enjoyed putting together the three Kings which had the most assembling required.  Ronan finally took down the left over Halloween decorations from the shelf and we put them aside to make room for the Christmas crafts.  Below is a photo of the finished scene, but we will be hiding the Baby Jesus until it is time for him to arrive as to keep with the Nativity story.  With the craft spirits still going strong, Ronan went on to colour photos and made a very nice Batman one.  Perhaps he could visit the Nativity scene to see Baby Jesus too?  

Our Christmas shelf with the Nativity scene that the boys put together. 
The boys ready for the challenge of putting together a Christmas craft. 

What is more Christmas-y than Batman? Ronan’s drawing this evening.