Parent-Teacher Conference

Ryan looking over Maddox’s school work for the term.
Maddox and Ronan playing with dominos while we were in the conference. 

It has been a rainy last few days…brrr.

After work today I took the train home to meet my partner at the boys’ school.  We were having a teacher-parent conference with my youngest son’s teacher after school.  It was really great getting to go through all of the work that he has done in the term thus far, and see what goals we together can help him achieve through the next term.  The boys had fun playing next door in aftercare where they put together a few puzzles and played games.  Ryan went off to University for a lecture and the boys and I got a much appreciated drive home since it was pouring rain and already dark outside.  I will need to get used to the rain here since it is not a warm rain like in Hawaii.  Better preparation for the elements is a must.