Easter Hair Cuts

I gave my boys fair cuts at work today to get ready for their Easter photos. Afterwards we went to the big playground to run out all their sillys.  We finished with ice cream as we waited for our train ride home.  I am really being spoiled by all this warm weather. I am not looking forward to any wet rainy weather ahead. The boys and I had a great time out and I am really enjoying our extra time together while they are on their Easter break.  

My boys with their new hair cuts for Easter. 
Maddox donned his Batman cape for today’s salon and park outing.  
Carb free pasta made by my husband, Ryan. Paleo meatballs on linguini made from Zucchini. 

Warm Spring weather, picnic at the parks, and spending time with my boys outside. #ilovemylife
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“If a guy does something stupid once, it’s because he’s a guy. But if he does the same stupid thing twice, it’s because of a girl” #TheLorax