Weekend Letter: ‘Never Want to Leave’

‘I Know I say this every time we go out (on a country walk). But I  never want to leave.” – Ryan, my husband
My letter for this weekend is getting out much later than I would have liked, 
but we were out most of the afternoon.  
If you read my blog you will know that my family loves 
to go on country walks in our home of Bath, England.  
Today was supposed to be a short walk followed by a play at the park.  
However yesterday we got poured on 
and it made trekking through the mud today hard to resist.
With hunter wellies on and coats for the chilly air,
my family of four enjoyed being outside and getting a little dirty.
The quote above was spoken by my husband to me while we started our journey.
I love seeing him so happy.
I cannot remember him every being this in love with a place before.
When you ask your love to move out of country for you,
you just cross your fingers and hope it is going to work.
Even though the two of us will have been in country two years this coming May
we find ourselves in a continual honeymoon state.
Maybe this is what happiness and contentment feels like
when you are not having to move every couple of years.
I like learning new things about life like that. 
Like how my husband now has a new fondness for crossword puzzles.
How working in England has trained him to spell things the ‘English’ way.
For example adding that extra ‘u’ or using an ‘s’ instead of a ‘z’.
My boys are assimilating too.
I have to admit its hard to get cross at your son at dinner
when instead of stating ‘i hate ______’
he says politely ‘I am not keen of ______’
To which I will return with, 
‘Thats nice, but finish your food.’
It has been a lovely weekend with my family and I look forward
to all the weekends to follow.
From my family to yours, 
have a great Sunday!
  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04786544038930066935 soaring eala

    I understand honeymoon stage. Grant asked for the Germany assignment for me and after almost three years, I still feel like we are “settling in”, learning and exploring this side of the ocean as a family. When we have to leave here, this will be the longest we have lived as a family and I am sad to have to go back (US).

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03481775343584575260 Casey Martin

    Lovely post :)