Never Have I Ever…

With my friend from our time in Hawaii, Evette, out on the town in London
Shortly after my 29th birthday in November of 2011 
I shaved the side of my head in the tiny bathroom of our flat outside Brighton, England. 
I had been thinking and talking about doing it for sometime. 
Fueled by the idea that I would be turning 30 in a year I took the impulse and shaved away.
If you feel to watch I highlighted the moment with a video on youtube.
I had a whole bucket list of items to do before turning 30 and some were achieved.
Others are still life dreams that I would like to do while I am alive. 
Today I saw that Ashela with an A did a Never Have I Ever post.
Since I leave Sundays open for posting about anything,
this felt like a perfect time to come up with a list.
Easier said then done.
Its not that I have done everything
because I most certainly have not.
Not even close.
But now that I have put myself on the spot…

Reds and Brunette with the shaved side look in 2011 – 2012
Let me digress for a moment.
Once I shaved the side of my head I got it touched up a couple of times
by a barber in Brighton, England.
The shaved star design was my favourite.
However with my busy home life and work schedule 
I finally decided it was best to just grow it out.
That and I kept thinking about how long my hair would be
in time to come if I let it grow it out then.
I believe it was March 2012 that I decided to just grow it out.
A year later and my hair is now two inches below my chin.
It may be a bit annoying to grow out.
But in the end well worth it and I am glad I did.
So now on to my ‘Never Have I Ever’.
Or the things I have yet to do
(and some may never. See item number #2)

…been to Canada. Having not spent much time in the USA growing up, it just has become a place I’ve not yet travled too though many Americans have. Having loved the Anne of Avonlea as a child, I would love to see such beautiful scenic locations like the films pictured.

…seen the Sound of Music. My mum disliked the film and I never had an inkling to watch it. Ironic perhaps since Austria is one of my most beloved places from childhood. I cannot wait to go back with my family and could see retiring there.

…owned an iPad.  I almost feel lame to add this but I now finally feel like one of the few who has not yet bought into this device at least from those who love Apple products. I love Apple products. But so far my iPhones and laptop have sufficed. There are usually other things that take higher precedence in items needed for purchase. 

…been to a wine tasting.  I have however been to a whiskey tasting for the Balvenie Rare craft roadshow in Los Angeles.  But with a sister who is a sommelier I really need to pay more respect to the vino. Especially with having grown up in Italia.

…been to Japan.  I wrote this for my husband because he got to go before finishing up his tour in Hawaii with the USAF.  I have been in the airport in Japan many times with traveling to Australia, Thailand, and Cambodia. But I have yet to leave the airport and see the real Japan.

…driven in England. Or Europe for that matter. I was never old enough while we lived in Europe and to this day I have yet to get my drivers license in England.  It has been about two years since I have even driven a car since moving back here. 

…made a wedding cake.  Which I am going to attempt to do for this August for our 10th Anniversary vow renewal.  I almost made my own wedding cake ten years ago.  I had a cake lady all set up whom had been referred to me by a friend at University. I met with her and she told me she did not do red velvet or fondant…two things I really wanted.  A week before my wedding my father found an amazing cake shop that could help a poor bride out last minute. I love watching Cake Boss, it cannot be that hard?  (famous last words…)

…been to a Zumba class. While I have tried a lot of fitness programs and classes (including step aerobics with my father as a teen) Zumba has not been one of them. I am more a Crossfit or Yoga sort of girl. 

…let my boys drink soda. They may have had a sip or have been snuck some by my in laws but I do not plan on letting them have it for quite a while.  If they want something fizzy they can live up to their European sides and drink S. Pellegrino.  I used to be addicted to soda to the point that if the drive through of McDonalds was still open I would drive through with my kids just to get an XLG soda with no ice.  After going cold turkey in England I do ont even like soda anymore.  My brain lapses and I think I want one and I will buy one. But after a sip, and deeming its too sweet, I just set it aside. I’ve used this story with my boys to educate them on the issue of addiction and why starting to drink soda is probably just a bad idea. 
…gotten into Fresh Prince of Bel Air nor do I know the theme song. I was at a church camp in Australia and I was the one American who could not sing a long wile all the Aussie kids knew all the words.  I grew up in Europe and moved to the USA at 17. Consequently there are quite a bit of Pop Culture references for two decades in the US history of which I am not aware of nor understand. On that note I never had a favourite New Kids on the Block. I dont even know a single song. 

…liked Haunted Houses. I hate being scared and I really dislike Halloween aside from the dressing up part. Which makes sense since my mum never liked Halloween and had a rule we could never be anything scary or evil. A rule I have kept in our family traditions.  Somehow I have slowly started like to watch scarier programmes with my husband like Dexter.  Recently we have started watching Hannibal  the Following, and the Bates Motel. Still no pleasure in going to be scared at a Haunted House though. Unless its the Haunted Mansion at Disney. That ride is my favourite. 

So what is on your ‘Never Have I Ever’ list? Link below!

  • Ashlea with an a

    Ok whiskey tasting…that sounds dangerous for me! I recently just did my first little wine your and it was a ton of fun! I’ve never owned and iPad either, as a ‘blogger’ I feel everyone has one, but as you said-other things come
    First! One day!!!

    • Bonnie Rose


      Oh thats awesome! Yes, I’m hoping this summer i can cross of Wine tasting. Yes ‘one day’ for the ipad…by then I bet they will even more awesome than they were when they first came out. Or maybe we will already be on the next latest and greatest device. Thank you for commenting! x

      Bonnie Rose

  • Ashlea with an a

    And ps you rock, I wish I was brave enough to shave the side of my head! I’m dying to go totally red and that’s about as brave as ill get :)

    • Bonnie Rose


      Thank you Ashlea. I keep thinking I will try it again, but now that my hair on one side is not long enough to tuck behind my ears, I’m thinking I will just reminisce in photos. Red is so much fun! I had to be ginger in 2011 and it was definitely fun. A lot of upkeep since reds fade first. You should try it sometime and even with just a semipermanent from your stylist to try it for fun. x

      Bonnie Rose

  • Rachel

    I’ve never liked scary things, either. At all, I won’t go to a haunted house or watch a scary movie. I’ve known so many girls who have shaved part of their heard. I wouldn’t do that, though I’ve occasionally thought of shaving my whole head and just seeing how my hair grows out. I love the “Anne of Green Gables” books and movies. I’ve been to Canada but not to the part of Canada where her stories took place. And I think it’s great to not let your kids drink pop. I think I might do that when I have kids. Seriously, I think oftentimes if you don’t eat something as a child, you’re not as likely to love it as an adult. My Mom never gave me peanut butter as a kid because that was during the peanut allergy scare, and to this day, I can’t stand anything with peanut butter in it!

    • Bonnie Rose

      On the head shave thing, it is nice seeing how undamaged that section of my hair is compared to say my ends. I had the nifty idea of going ginger before the shaved bit and that involved some more bleaching to get a vibrant ginger shade. That totally makes sense about the Peanut Butter thing. Totally agree. I follow a blogger who lives in asia and her girl will not eat peanut butter either, but loves the noodle meatball soup for breakfast. Its all about what you have. If you buy it for your future kids, they will eat it. They wont starve. Mine certainly eat more than me. :)


  • tiarenie

    I have never been to Zumba and everyone here in the Dominican Republic is CRAZY about it! People think I’m crazy when I say that I’ve never been. Haven’t been to Japan or seen the Sound of Music, either.. For some reason I just cant get “into” watching it!

    • Bonnie Rose

      I keep waiting for the Zumba fad to fade, but it just seems to grow. :)

  • Casey Martin

    I love this post… I always enjoy sort of “getting to know you” posts :)

    • Bonnie Rose

      I love this post… I always enjoy sort of “getting to know you” posts :)

  • heidi

    I love the star shaved into your hair. It’s cute! And I’ve never been to Japan either. But I want to go.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

    • Bonnie Rose

      Thank you Heidi! I kind of miss the star, but now that my hair is several inches on that side I want to just keep growing it out. Definitely will have to make it to Japan one of these days! I’ve heard the blossoms are amazing.

  • lilywanderlust

    It blows my mind that you’ve never seen The Sound of Music! You’re brave to try so many different hair styles, I impulsively cut mine once (in high school), what a regret haha!

    • Bonnie Rose

      I should never say never, I might eventually see it one day. 😉 Yes I am a hairstylist so I have done quite a bit to my hair including a faux hawk which was fun at first. Growing out your hair just bites sometimes. So Now i’m just aiming to keep it healthy and keep growing it out longer.


  • Sara Louise

    The shave star was fab! A friend of mine had her hair shaved up the side like that a couple of years ago (but not a cool star!) and I wanted too so badly, but I could never ever pull it off. It was a great look on you! :)